How to Start Google Assistant Driving Mode

Start it automatically or launch it yourself

What to Know

  • Say "Hey Google, open Assistant Settings," go to See All Assistant Settings > Transportation > Driving Mode > toggle on Launch driving mode
  • Once you've enabled driving mode, you can connect your car's Bluetooth and tap the driving mode notification on your phone.
  • You can also say, "Hey Google, let's drive," to launch driving mode at any time.

Google Assistant driving mode is designed to help you use your phone safely when you're driving. It allows you to send and receive messages and calls, control media, and perform other useful functions with your voice so that you don't need to take your eyes off the road. Here's how to use it.

Google Assistant driving mode was introduced with Android 12, and it requires an Android phone with Android version 9.0 or newer, at least 4GB of RAM, and it’s only available in a limited number of countries. If you can’t start driving mode, make sure your phone meets the minimum requirements and that it’s fully updated.

How Do I Use Google Driving Assistant?

There are three ways to start Google Assisting driving mode:

  • Voice command: Say, "Hey Google, let's drive" to start driving mode at any time.
  • Automatically: You can set up driving mode to automatically start whenever your phone connects to your vehicle's Bluetooth or whenever your phone detects that you're in a vehicle.
  • Google Maps: When you create a route in Google Maps and initiate navigation, driving mode starts automatically.

Once the driving mode is active, you can use it by issuing any compatible voice command or tapping the screen. Driving mode switches the regular Android interface into a card-based interface that's easier to see at a glance.

When driving mode is active, you can also access many useful apps by tapping the app launcher that appears in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can tap the launcher icon for quick access to settings, media apps, and more.

How Do I Start Google Assistant Driving Mode With Voice?

If your phone supports Google Assistant driving mode, then you can start it at any time with a voice command. Google Assistant launches driving mode immediately when you use the command, even if you aren't in your car yet.

Here's how to start driving mode with a voice command:

  1. Say, “Hey Google.”

  2. When Google Assistant opens, say, “Let’s drive.”

  3. Driving mode will launch.

    Google Assistant on an Android with Let's Drive and activated Driving mode highlighted

How Do I Set up Driving Mode?

If you want driving mode to launch automatically, you need to set it up. The two options are to have it launch whenever your phone connects to your vehicle’s Bluetooth or whenever your phone detects that you’re in a moving vehicle. You can also enable both options.

Here’s how to set up driving mode:

  1. Say, “Hey Google, open Assistant settings.”

  2. Select See all Assistant Settings > Transportation.

  3. Tap Driving Mode.

    Opening Assistant settings with Google Assistant, Transportation, and Driving Mode highlighted
  4. Locate the When connection to car’s Bluetooth section.

  5. Tap the Launch driving mode toggle or the Ask before launching toggle.

    If you select Ask before launching, you will need to manually confirm driving mode whenever your phone connects to your vehicle’s Bluetooth.

  6. Locate the When driving is detected section.

  7. Tap Ask before launching if you want to use driving mode without a Bluetooth connection.

    Driving mode settings with "When connected to car's Bluetooth," options, and When Driving is detected highlighed

    This option is helpful if your vehicle doesn’t have Bluetooth or if you want to use driving mode when borrowing a car or when traveling as a passenger.

How Do I Put Driving Mode on Google Maps?

If your phone supports driving mode, it will launch when you initiate navigation through Google Maps.

Here’s how to use driving mode with Google Maps:

  1. Open Google Maps and enter a destination.

  2. Tap Start.

  3. Google Maps navigation will start in driving mode.

    Google Maps on an Android with Start and Driving Mode highlighted
  • How do I turn off Google Assistant driving mode?

    To disable Google Assistant driving mode, say "Hey Google, open Assistant settings" and tap See all Assistant Settings > Transportation > Driving Mode. Under Launch Driving Mode, toggle off When Navigating in Google Maps. Then, under When Connected to Car's Bluetooth, tap Do Nothing. Under When Driving is Detected, select Do Nothing.

  • How do I get Google Assistant to read texts while driving?

    To hear messages while you drive with Google Assistant, make sure Google Assistant driving mode is enabled on your Android device. Then, say, “Hey Google, turn on auto-read.” When you get a new message, Google Assistant will read it.

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