How to Make a Free Blog With WordPress

Set up your presence on the web in minutes

Starting a blog can seem intimidating if you're new to this space, but WordPress makes the entire process easy for beginners. In just minutes, you can create a free blog at this popular blog hosting website and begin posting your comments and articles for the public to see.

Visit the Website homepage
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Visit WordPress and select Get Started.

Sign up for a Free Account

WordPress new account page
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Enter a valid email address that hasn't already been used for a WordPress account. If you need an email address for use with WordPress, there are many email services to choose from.

Pick a username in the second text box. This should be just as unique as your email address. Learn how to choose a username if you need help.

Finally, enter a strong password that's hard to guess. This is what you'll need each time you log in to WordPress. If you're afraid you'll forget it, store it in a password manager.

When you're finished filling out the three text boxes, click Create your account.

If you have a Google account, you can speed up this process by clicking Continue with Google.

Enter Your Blog Information blog sign up process
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Enter your blog name in the first text box. This is what people will assume your blog is about when they visit. Make it truthful toward the blog content but also interesting and unique.

To answer "What will your site be about?", enter words or phrases separated by commas. For example, home, kids, family, travel.

When asked about your primary goal with this blog, answer in whatever way applies to you. Maybe you're making this blog to promote your business or portfolio, or maybe it's just to share your worldview.

In the section under "How comfortable are you with creating a website?", you'll see a scale ranging from 1 for a beginner and 5 for an expert.

When you're finished, click Continue.

Choose an Address for Your Blog free URL option
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Free WordPress blogs end with, so the name you pick will precede that URL and is what your visitors will see when they land on your blog.

Enter whatever you want to use as your blog's URL. Below the search box are various addresses with different top-level domains, but only one is free.

Pick the free option ( with the Select button and then click Start with Free on the following page to see your new blog!

More Information on Setting up Your New Blog dashboard screenshot
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The first thing on the checklist is to confirm your email address by responding to the email WordPress sent you. Open the message and select Click here to Confirm Now to be greeted with a welcoming email and a few "get started" steps that WordPress recommends.

The dashboard you see above is the primary screen where you'll work on your blog. This is where you manage your blog's pages, media content, comments, plugins, and other customizations that make your blog unique.

Your first change should be to edit or remove the placeholder blog post that all new WordPress blogs are given to show how posting works. To do that, open the Blog Posts part of your dashboard to view, edit, or trash the post.

Take time to explore your WordPress dashboard and don't be afraid to test the various tools and features available to you for customizing your blog.