Starbucks and Amazon Go Team up to Launch a NYC Concept Store

Order ahead for drinks, and Just Walk Out with everything else

Amazon and Starbucks have teamed up on a combination Starbucks Pickup and Amazon Go store, which has just opened in NYC.

The new store, dubbed "Starbucks Pickup with Amazon Go," opened in Manhattan today on 59th Street, between Park & Lexington Ave. According to the announcement, it's meant to provide customers with a convenient digital checkout experience.

Starbucks Pickup with Amazon Go


Starbucks Pickup stores generally specialize in fulfilling online orders that have been placed ahead of time via the app. Customers can place and pay for their orders in the Starbucks App while on their way to the store, then pick them up when they arrive without the need to wait in line.

Using Just Walk Out technology, Amazon Go stores connect to a customer's Amazon Shopping app when they enter, allowing them to grab whatever items they want and then leave. Anything removed from the shelf is added to their shopping cart (or removed from the cart if put back), and the app will automatically check them out when they exit.

This new hybrid store offers both experiences. Customers can order a drink, along with other goodies from the Starbucks menu, in advance.

They can also check in with the Amazon Shopping app and grab Amazon Go food items before or after grabbing their beverage. These include fresh salads or an Amazon Kitchen sandwich, bakery items, protein boxes, breakfast sandwiches, and Starbucks egg bites.

Starbucks Pickup with Amazon Go


If you'd like to swing by the new Starbucks Pickup with Amazon Go store, and you're in the Manhattan area, you can find it in Midtown, at 111 E 59th Street.

Another hybrid store is expected to open sometime next year in the New York Times building at 40th Street & 8th Avenue.

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