Cheats for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Xbox 360)

No combo, talent, or force power is beyond your possession!

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed box of the Xbox 360 game

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The Force is nothing compared to the cheats in "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed." Use these codes to tip the balance of galactic power.

May the cheats be with you!

How to Use These Cheats

You must complete the first mission and unlock Rogue Shadow in order to use these cheat codes. Then, you can access the "Enter Code" option from within the Extras menu. Cheats are entered as passwords.

Star Wars Unlocks and Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheat Code Unlock
HURRIKANE1 All lightsaber crystals
OSSUS All databank entries
JOCASTA All talents
MOLDYCROW All combos
MARAJADE New combo
BRUTALSTAB Combo: lightsaber impale
DARAGON Combo: Sith saber slash
EETHKOTH Combo: aerial assault
KITFISTO Combo: saber sling
LUMIYA Combo: Sith saber flurry
MASSASSI Combo: lightning bomb
PLOKOON Combo: saber slam
RAGNOS Combo: lightning grenade
SAZEN Combo: Sith saber throw
VENTRESS Combo: aerial ambush
YADDLE Combo: aerial blast

Using this code will remove all lightsaber related Holocrons from the current saved game file.

Cheat Code Effect
ADEGAN Get maximum lightsaber throw ranks
KATARN Set all Force powers to maximum
EXARKUN Get maximum Force push ranks
DATHOMIR Get maximum Force repulse ranks
LIGHTSABER Boost lightsaber damage

Enable mirrored levels

The following are character and consume unlocks for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed:

Cheat Code Unlock
VICEROY1 Bail Organa
MASTERMIND Emperor Palpatine
MANDALORE1 General Rahm Kota
HARDBOILED1 Drunken General Rahm Kota
TK421GREEN1 Kashyyk Stormtrooper
AAYLA Aayla Secura
SECURA Aayla Secura (green skin)
ITSATWAP Admiral Akbar
SCOUNDREL Lando Calrissian
MARAJADE Mara Jade Skywalker
FERRAL1 Scout Stormtrooper
BLACKHOLE Shadow Stormtrooper
TK421WHITE1 Stormtrooper
PHOENIX Incinerator Trooper
SNOWMAN Snow Trooper
TK421BLUE1 Stormtrooper commander
DANTOOINE2 Jedi ceremonial robe
KORRIBAN3 Sith Stalker armor
WOOKIEE4 Kento's robe
HOLOCRON5 Jedi adventure robe
SOHNDANN All costumes
  1. Cannot be saved.
  2. This robe is unlocked by the Jedi ending.
  3. This consume is unlocked by Sith ending.
  4. This robe is unlocked by Holocron.
  5. This robe is unlocked by stage progress.