Star Wars: Rogue Leader - Rogue Squadron 2 Cheats

Cheats for Star Wars: Rogue Leader - Rogue Squadron 2 on Gamecube.

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Cheats, Codes, and Secrets

The following cheats, codes, and secrets are available for Star Wars: Rogue Leader - Rogue Squadron 2 on the Nintendo Gamecube video game console.

Unlimited lives
Enter JPVI?IJC as a password. R2D2 will not beep for this password. Return to the password screen and enter RSBFNRL as a second password. R2D2 will beep to confirm correct code entry.

Level select
Enter !??QWTTJ as a password. R2D2 will not beep for this password. Return to the password screen and enter CLASSIC as a second password. R2D2 will beep to confirm correct code entry. Note: This does not unlock the bonus missions.

Asteroid Field level
Enter TVLYBBXL as a password. R2D2 will not beep for this password. Return to the password screen and enter NOWAR!!! as a second password. R2D2 will beep to confirm correct code entry.

Death Star Escape level
Enter PYST?OOO as a password. R2D2 will not beep for this password. Return to the password screen and enter DUCKSHOT as a second password. R2D2 will beep to confirm correct code entry.

Triumph of the Empire level
Enter AZTBOHII as a password. R2D2 will not beep for this password. Return to the password screen and enter OUTCAST! as a second password. R2D2 will beep to confirm correct code entry.

Revenge On Yavin level
Enter OGGRWPDG as a password. R2D2 will not beep for this password. Return to the password screen and enter EEKEEK! as a second password. R2D2 will beep to confirm correct code entry.

Endurance level
Enter ?WCYBRTC as a password. R2D2 will not beep for this password. Return to the password screen and enter ??MBC??? as a second password. R2D2 will beep to confirm correct code entry.

Naboo Starfighter
Enter CDYXF!?Q as a password. R2D2 will not beep for this password. Return to the password screen and enter ASEPONE! as a second password. R2D2 will beep to confirm correct code entry.

Millennium Falcon
Enter MVPQIU?A as a password. R2D2 will not beep for this password. Return to the password screen and enter OH!BUDDY as a second password. R2D2 will beep to confirm correct code entry.

Slave I
Enter PZ?APBSY as a password. R2D2 will not beep for this password. Return to the password screen and enter IRONSHIP as a second password. R2D2 will beep to confirm correct code entry.

Jango Fett style Slave I
Enter VV?GXRYP as a password. R2D2 will not beep for this password. Return to the password screen and enter CNOOQ!ZR as a second password. R2D2 will not beep for this password. Return to the password screen and enter JFETTSHP as a third password. R2D2 will beep to confirm correct code entry. Boba Fett's Slave I will change into Jango Fett's Slave I colors from Star Wars: Episode 2.

TIE Fighter
Enter ZT?!RGBA as a password. R2D2 will not beep for this password. Return to the password screen and enter DISPSBLE as a second password. R2D2 will beep to confirm correct code entry.

TIE Advanced X1 Prototype (Darth Vader's TIE):

Enter NYM!UUOK as a password. R2D2 will not beep for this password. Return to the password screen and enter BLKHLMT! as a second password. R2D2 will beep to confirm correct code entry.

Imperial Shuttle
Enter AJHH!?JY as a password. R2D2 will not beep for this password. Return to the password screen and enter BUSTOUR as a second password. R2D2 will beep to confirm correct code entry. the Imperial Shuttle can only be piloted in levels which an Imperial ship is normally used (for example, Revenge On Yavin).

Enter !ZUVIEL! as a password. R2D2 will not beep for this password. Return to the password screen and enter !BENZIN! as a second password. R2D2 will beep to confirm correct code entry. Note: This code must be re-activated every time a new game session is started.

All tech upgrades
Enter AYZB!RCL as a password. R2D2 will not beep for this password. Return to the password screen and enter WRKFORIT as a second password. R2D2 will beep to confirm correct code entry.

Ace mode
Enter U!?!VWZC as a password. R2D2 will not beep for this password. Return to the password screen and enter GIVEITUP as a second password. R2D2 will beep to confirm correct code entry.

Monochrome graphics
Enter LIONHEAD as a password.

Audio commentary
Enter BLAHBLAH as a password. the "Audio Commentary" option will be unlocked at the "Special Features" menu. Alternately, win a total of ten medals of any type in the main missions.

Sound test
Enter COMPOSER as a password. the "Sound Test" option will be unlocked at the "Special Features" menu.

Art gallery
Enter EXHIBIT! as a password. the "Art Gallery" option will be unlocked at the "Special Features" menu.

Enter ?INSIDER as a password. the "Documentary" option will be unlocked at the "Special Features" menu. Alternately, successfully complete all ten main missions.

Enter THATSME! as a password. the "Credits" option will be unlocked at the "Special Features" menu. Alternately, successfully complete the game.

Quick mission start
Hold L + R while selecting a mission to start it immediately with the default ship.

In-game reset
Hold X + Y + B + Start for about one and a half seconds.

Hint: Bonus missions
These missions can be found on top of the regular missions. Highlight Death Star Attack or Battle of Hoth, press Up to find Death Star Escape and the Asteroid Field. Highlight Strike At the Core and press Up to find Triumph of the Empire. Once unlocked and completed with a medal, press Right on it find Revenge on Yavin. Press Right again to find Endurance .

Hint: the Asteroid Field: Gold medal
Turn on the enemy camera and wait for an enemy to appear behind you. Press A once to fire a short burst from the auto aiming quad cannon. There is a white rock far off in the distance. Fly straight for it until the intermission sequence starts. Skip the sequence then fly due north of the white rock. This will bring you directly to the Star Destroyer. Do not fire your cannons until a ship is behind you, and skip the intermission sequences to get the gold medal.

Hint: Battle of Endor: Easy gold medal:

Start by choosing the Naboo Fighter (or X-Wing if not unlocked). Quickly skip the intermission sequence. Go through all the steps with everyone pull up and the offensive is really a trap. Try to destroy some TIEs when they are all still in groups of four.

Hint: Battle of Endor: Homing cluster missiles tech upgrade
When you get to the part where you attack the Star Destroyers, after you knock out the destroyer on the left (when you first approached them), it will slightly and point downward. Look in the area below the docking bay. the upgrade is floating at a point in space.

Hint: Battle of Endor: Repair ship
If you find yourself low on shields before fighting the Star Destroyer, move to the hanger side of Admiral Ackbar's ship. Make sure you are going at regular speed (release L + R) then slightly nick the side of the ship, not enough to kill, but enough to weaken you more. If done correctly the repair screen will appear. Quickly select the control panel to repair your ship.

Hint: Battle of Endor: Escaping shuttle:

At the second part of the mission, after you destroy the Star Destroyer on the left (when you first approach them), you can see an Imperial Shuttle escaping from its hangar bay.

Hint: Battle of Endor: Avoid TIE fighters:

To get the TIE fighters off your back, go to Home One and stay there.

Hint: Battle of Hoth: Advanced lasers tech upgrade
After the intermission sequence with the shield generator exploding, turn around and fly back to that area. the upgrade is where the shield generator was destroyed.

Hint: Battle of Hoth: Exploding AT-AT head:

Once you take down an AT-AT, shoot at its head and it will explode.

Hint: Battle of Hoth: See C-3PO and R2D2:

When you are choosing your speeder, go to the right of the hanger and to see R2D2 and C-3PO.

Hint: Battle of Hoth: Easy gold medal:

After the intermission sequence starts, end it as quickly as possible. Send your wingmen after the guns. Then, if the troopers need help, send them to retreat. Take out two AT-STs from the front group. Boost to the back group and take out two of them. Then, go after the Imperial Loader and its cargo. Turn around and take out the remaining AT-STs in the front and back group. Next, go for the group of AT-STs to the left of the ion cannon. An intermission sequence follows -- end it as soon as possible. Boost to the far left and you should see six AT-STs in groups of three. Take them all out. Boost far ahead and take down the AT-ATs. Then when you are in the valley, take out all of the droids. It is acceptable to let off with one or two in each probe droid group. Go directly to the X-Wings and switch ships. Close your S-foils and go up to the left. There should be a group of two bombers there. Use your advanced/homing proton torpedoes to take out one of them.

Thenre should be two groups of TIE Fighters (one consisting of three TIEs and the other of two TIEs). Take out all the normal TIEs with very accurate laser fire. Use the rest of your torpedoes to take out as many bombers as you can, making sure not to hit the leader. There should be about two bombers remaining. Take them out with accurate laser fire and end the intermission sequence as soon as possible.

Hint: Death Star Attack: Advanced shields tech upgrade
It is found in the second part of the mission (when you fight the TIE fighters). When that part starts, dive down and slightly to the left. the upgrade is on top of a building next to a tall turret. It is difficult to see, and you may have to search for a while.

Hint: Death Star Attack: Shoot the TIE fighters
When you are in the last part of the first level and the TIE fighters approach from behind, speed up then quickly hit the brakes. the TIE fighters will fly in front of you, allowing you to shoot them. Keep doing this until they are all gone or Han Solo appears to back you up. Then, just fly straight to the end and destroy the Death Star.

Hint: Death Star Attack: Destroy Darth Vader's TIE X1
Use the Y-Wing and keep charging and firing your Ion Cannons at him. At the last time he appears before you get to the exhaust port, fire your Ion Cannons and shoot him with your lasers. You should see his ship explode.

Hint: Death Star Attack: Easy gold medal:

Choose the X-wing. Start by destroying the Deflection Towers. Boost in between each Deflection Tower to conserve time. Before the intermission sequence, destroy three to four Turboblasters. When the TIEs appear, do not shoot them. Go for at least ten to twenty turrets. Now is your chance to go for the TIEs. Whatever you do, do not destroy the TIE all the way in front of a group. If you do entire TIE group will scatter. After you destroy all the TIEs, go for another three or four turrets. in the trench, boost far up because there are no turrets for awhile. When the turrets appear, do not waste your time by trying to get one of the turrets. If you miss one, do not worry. Only shoot the turrets if they are within reasonable shooting range. When the TIEs appear, slow down hard and move toward the trench floor so they pass and allow you to kill them. the turrets are in groups of four or three. Shoot your proton torpedoes at the bottom of the wall that ends the trench.

Hint: Death Star Attack: Automatic loss:

If you fire all of your Proton Torpedoes before reaching the trench you will automatically lose.

Hint: Endurance: Easy completion
The best fighter to chose is the X-Wing. Do not use your missiles on the TIE fighters. Save them for the shuttles if desired. With each new wave, turn around and speed up as fast as possible until the fighters are directly behind you at the very bottom of the sensor screen. Once there, do a 180 and turn on your targeting computer if desired. Charge through the fighters firing your lasers. When you are just about past the fighters, speed up again as possible and go until your shields are fully repaired. Repeat this to destroy the waves and survive. You do not have to worry about the interceptors they do not catch up with you.

Hint: Endurance: Final wave
Enable the "Unlimited lives" code. Select the Endurance level and the Slave 1. After the intermission sequence, rapidly fire missiles at all the TIE fighters. You can use the Targeting Computer as much as desired. After wave 60 they start getting very difficult. Destroy wave 99 and you should hear Darth Vader in his TIE Advanced X1. One set of cluster missiles should get rid of him. You will then see him hitting the Death Star surface on fire and explode. This should take about 45 minutes.

Hint: Imperial Academy Heist: Advanced concussion missile tech upgrade
During this mission in the daytime, when you get to the main basere is a hangar to the far left of the tall tower in the center of the base. the upgrade is inside.

Hint: Imperial Academy Heist: Spread proton bombs tech upgrade
During this mission in the nighttime tech, the upgrade is located in the hangar opposite of where the daytime upgrade was found.

Hint: Imperial Academy Heist: Untrained pilots
Play the level at night and stay in the fog. You will hear explosions from the TIE fighters running into each other and the landing ports.

Hint: Imperial Academy Heist: Better accuracy rating
When going through the mountain pass, past the sensors, tap A(2) to fire four lasers. It will not destroy the sensors but will improve your accuracy rating significantly.

Hint: Ison Corridor Ambush: Advanced proton torpedo tech upgrade
At the beginning of the level is a large piece of floating debris ahead and below you, with a hole through it. the upgrade is inside.

Hint: Ison Corridor Ambush: Easy gold medal:

Unlock the Slave 1 ship, which fires multiple cluster missiles and easily takes out all the TIE Fighters quickly.

Hint: Ison Corridor Ambush: 1969 Buick:

When you get to the part where you have to destroy the TIE Interceptors, make a 180 degree turn and head for the last transport in the lineup. Fly around slowly behind and just below this transport. the car is very small -- about the size of one of the men running on the ground. Look for black dots to find it. You cannot do anything to it. It does not do anything to you, and is just there floating along with the transport.

Hint: Prisons of the Maw: Advanced cluster missiles tech upgrade
When you are ordered to take the comm towers out, you should encounter a single tower next to a domed building. Destroy the building. the upgrade is inside.

Hint: Prisons of the Maw: Easy gold medal:

First, clear the asteroid field in the beginning. When the TIEs appear, tell your wingmen to go after them. As you go further up, you should see some Imperial Tankers. Blowing them up will improve your enemies destroyed status and shot accuracy. When you see the force field, look for Imperial Shuttles and destroy them. They will not always appear. Use your Ion Cannons and disable three Shield Generators. When you go to the planet, follow the track to increase the chance of finding more enemies. If you find AT-PTs, bomb the middle of the group of three. After you complete the first task that the prisoners request, hurry to the second location. After you are done with the weapons storage building (the second task)y will tell you to take out the Communication Relays. If you want the upgrade, do not follow the track -- just stick to the orange wedge on your scanner. When you find a Communication Relay with a dome-shaped building, bomb the dome-shaped building with a couple of bombs.

the upgrade should be inside. If you did not want the upgrade, just follow the track. When you get to the relays, go to a very high point and bomb the part directly under the dish. Follow the track to the hanger. Destroy the guard towers and get ready for TIEs. You can use the Advanced Targeting Computer to tell your wingmen to attack the TIEs, or just attack them yourself.

Hint: Raid On Bespin: Homing concussion missiles tech upgrade
As soon as you destroy the first gun-balloon, boost over to the next platform. There will be a large ship next to a platform. Destroy it. the upgrade is on the platform next to where it was. the explosion of the ship exposes it.

Hint: Raid On Besbin: Destroying balloon guns
Instated of individually shooting the guns attached to the balloons, just shoot the propane tanks. This will destroy all the guns immediately. the tanks are located up in the balloon.

Hint: Raid On Bespin: Finding power generators:

In Cloud City easiest way to find the power generators is to use your targeting computer. They will appear large and yellow in the targeting computer view.

Hint: Raid On Besbin: Fly Cloudcar
Once done defending all the platforms, you will go to Cloud City where you have to knock out three generators. After the intermission sequence ends, your craft should be entering the city. As soon as you fly over the first building, dive down to the rooftops. to the left, you should see the rebel icon symbol spinning. Fly into it to switch to he Cloudcar. the Cloudcar is very maneuverable, making it easier to destroy the generators, but its lasers lack power, making it more difficult to destroy the bombers during the last part of the mission. This is the first of four locations where you can switch over to a Cloudcar in the city.

Hint: Razor Rendezvous: Advanced proton bombs tech upgrade
As soon as the level starts, boost towards the Star Destroyer. There will be an Imperial Shuttle that will be flying to the right of the Star Destroyer's bridge. Destroy the Shuttle. the upgrade is inside.

Hint: Razor Rendezvous: Imperial Shuttle:

When you are flying to the Star Destroyer, look at the command deck and you will see a Shuttle fly away from it. After a few seconds, you will see the Shuttle fly under the Star Destroyer it will go into the hanger.

Hint: Razor Rendezvous: Alternate way to destroy Star Destroyers
Select the A-Wing. Fight off the TIEs, and when you take out the shield generators, crash into the control deck, destroying the bridge. Its better if you do not have X activated and hold Z to barrel roll into the deck. You can also hold C-stick Right or C-stick Left to get a side view. Even if you are on your last life, you can complete the mission by crashing without ending the game.

Hint: Razor Rendezvous: Easy gold medal:

Select the Naboo Starfighter. Start by boosting past the Frigate and go to the big guns that shoot blue lasers. If you have Homing Proton Torpedoes, it should be easy. After the guns are destroyed, slow down pressing L hard. Shoot the first shield generator until it explodes. Speed up, make a short stop with the L again, and shoot the next shield generator. If you do not destroy in time, run into it. Do not worry about your lives, as you are allowed to lose one. After you return after your first life was lost, go directly under the Star Destroyer and shoot your new six missiles at the big generator. If it does not explode, shoot it with your guns. When it is destroy, go out to the front of the Destroyer and aim at any small turret defenses they have. Make sure that you have good aim and ram yourself into the bridge. It will not take a life away, because this is the end of the level. Note: This requires some practice.

Hint: Revenge On Yavin: Easy gold medal:

Choose the TIE Advanced. Skip the intermission sequence. Start by making your wingmen flee. Use only blasters to destroy the Transports. Destroy the two Transports first group. After that, stay to the right slightly to see an opening with Rebel Starfighters inside. Use your Cluster Missiles to destroy them. Go straight to the next group of three Transports. Destroy them all. Turn right and go to the largest group of transports. There are two openings for Starfighters. Destroy them all. Destroy the four Transports and skip the intermission sequence as soon as possible. Try to destroy as many Rebels on the planet as you can, flying or parked. Make sure you have at least ten Cluster Missiles. As soon as the door to the hanger opens, fly inside. Shoot all of your Cluster missiles rapidly until you run out, making the Transports weaker. Destroy all of the Transports and skip the intermission sequence as soon as possible.

Hint: Revenge On Yavin: Alternate ending:

When you are supposed to go into the big temple, stay outside and fight the fighters while waiting for the transports to appear. Destroy them when they come out to view a different ending sequence. It features the TIE X1 destroying the last transport and it crashing in the woods.

Hint: Strike At the Core: Advanced targeting computer
When you are almost out of the tunnel approaching the Core upgrade can be found under some pipes on the lower right.

Hint: Strike At the Core: Easy gold medal:

Choose the X-Wing. Boost straight up to the Millennium Falcon then open your S-foils so you can shoot. Before the first wave of TIEs appear, shoot at least three to five turrets. After you have destroyed enough turrets and you hear the TIEs approaching, boost up again to the Falcon. When the TIEs and TIE Interceptors get directly in front of you, shoot them quickly. When you get to the end of the outside run, where there are no more TIEs, shoot down seven to ten turrets. When you go into the core track to the main core, shoot directly ahead of you because there are TIEs shooting at the Falcon. More TIEs will appear. Shoot them down when they are directly in front of you. When you are leaving the core because it is exploding, boost far ahead of the Falcon, and out of the Death Star. Repeating this step of shooting directly in front of you will boost up your shot accuracy.

Hint: Strike At the Core: TIEs flying into explosion
Use the Millennium Falcon. When you get to the part where you are in the tunnel, fly ahead of the X-Wing. the X-Wing will not get blown up. When you destroy the power regulator, you will see the scene where you fly back out of the huge room. the TIEs will go flying right into the explosion.

Hint: Tatooine Training: Bonus item locations:

You have to find two bonus items during each of the four times of the day in order to earn the Naboo Starfighter (N-1). the item which you have to locate during each time of day is the Krate Dragon bones. They are found near the large group of training icons, in between a Bantha herd and a Sandcrawler. During dawn and dusk, you will need to find C3PO. He is inside Jabba's Palace, which you will need to destroy. Be careful not to also destroy C3PO. During normal daytime, you will need to find the Escape Pod. It is located on the ground in the open near Tosche Station. At night, you will need to find R2D2. He is located inside of the Sandcrawler that is near the Krate Dragon bones. You will need to blow up the Sandcrawler with linked lasers. Again, be careful not to also destroy R2D2 when you attack the Sandcrawler.

Hint: Tatooine Training: Bullseye Womprats faster
If you shoot 60 or more Womprats in your first attempt, you will not have to return and to shoot 20 or 40. If successful completion time will be the same for the 20, 40, and 60 bullseyes at the mission complete screen.

Hint: Tatooine Training: Finding R2D2:

R2D2 is a bonus goal to find in the training level. Find the sandcrawler and blow it up. R2D2 should be where the sandcrawler was located. Note: There are two sandcrawlers; if you do not find him in the first one, do the same thing to the second sandcrawler.

Hint: Triumph of the Empire: Easy gold medal:

Note: This trick requires Homing/Advanced Cluster Missiles. Instead of trying to shoot the X and Y-Wings, just use the Advanced Homing Cluster Missiles with the Tie Advanced X1. Your shots will have a 95 percent Gold Medal chance.

Hint: Vengeance On Kothis: Homing proton torpedo tech upgrade
On the crashed Star Destroyer is a hole through the bridge on the right side (facing the rear). the upgrade is inside.

Hint: Vengeance At Kothlis: Easy bombing:

Choose the Y-Wing, turn on your targeting computern enter bombing mode. This uses your targeting computer efficiency, so do not do it that often. This technique is extremely effective when destroying the AT-PTs in the Vengeance At Kothlis mission.

Hint: Vengeance On Kothlis: Easy gold medal:

Choose the Slave 1. Instead of having to aim your gun, use the Advanced/Homing Cluster Missiles. Make sure you kill all the TIEs, because Slave 1 has almost no shields. When you get to the crashed Star Destroyer, stay to the right of the transport so you do not get hit by the defenses. Skip the intermission sequence with the AT-ATs. Go directly to the transport and switch to the Speeder. Take down the AT-ATs. Then, skip the intermission sequence with the commando team. If you go to the transport, you will see another Rebel icon. Switch to it. You should now be in a Y-Wing. Fly to the Star Destroyer and break a hole in the hull. There are Stormtrooper defenses on and in front of the ship. Killing them will improve your chances of the commando team surviving. Then, take care of the AT-PTs. Use one bomb to kill three of them. When you get a spare moment, destroy some turret defenses on the ship, not the Stormtroopers. A second wave of AT-PTs will appear.

If you have another spare moment, take out some more Stormtrooper defenses. After you destroy the second wave of AT-PTs, TIEs will appear and attack. Do not worry about the commando teamy will not get killed by the TIEs. Just do not get hit and you will be fine.

Hint: Vengeance On Kothlis: Star Destroyer guns remain destroyed
On the Razor Rendevzous level, if you destroy any laser turrets or turbo lasers on the Avenger then play Vengeance On Kothlis afterwards same guns you destroyed on Star Destroyer previously will still be destroyed.

Hint: Gold Medal requirements

Hint: Y-Wing 100% targeting computer efficiency:

When you have the Y-Wing on the "in cockpit view", press B to bomb. the targeting computer appears automatically, but it does not count against your targeting computer efficiency. You can leave it on the entire time and you will still have 100% efficiency.

Hint: Easy targeting
If you are having trouble with accuracy with the TIE fighter or any other double cannon, press X and aim the cross hairs at the fighters. Make sure you have a shot.

Hint: Destroying AT-ATs
Press X to enter cockpit view and turn off the auto view feature. Then, press B as usual to fire the cable. Press C-Stick Left (or C-stick Right if turning clockwise). You will be able to see the legs of the walker and take it out easier.

Hint: Car music logo
Enable the "Car" code. Select any level that you can fly the car. Go to the menu or the menu on the mission then go to sound the option. Set the music to mute then return to the mission and press Y to enter cockpit view. When you are in the cockpit you should be able to hear a older version music at the LucasArts logo (where the white Imperial Stormtroppers dance and hold up the yellow logo parts).

Hint: TIE Bomber
Play one of the Darth Vader levels (with him walking) and go to one of the sides of the ship. Pick part and look towards the middle of the room. Press X and use the C-stick to look at the middle of the roof to see the TIE Bomber.

Hint: Imperial Shuttle: S-foils half open:

When you are in the Imperial Shuttle, try to get shot down. Open your S-foils just before you get shot down. the intermission sequence will show it getting shot down with the S-foils half open.

Hint: Highest rank
The highest rank that you can achieve is Galactic Allied Commander. to get it, have all gold medals on normal and ace mode.

Glitch: Start with full shields after intermission:

You can use the following trick before any intermission sequence if your timing is correct. When you are low on shields, before the next intermission sequence starts, intentionally crash your ship into something so that while it shows your ship exploding the next intermission sequence starts. Once you get control of your ship after the intermission, you should have full shields and the same number of lives you had before the intermission started.

Glitch: Asteroid Field: Hologram asteroids:

Fly through the asteroid field until you can see the Star Destroyer that you are supposed to reach, with the rebel symbol behind the main bridge. the asteroids around it are not real. If you fly into them, you will go through them. They are holograms produced by the Star Destroyer, which is why they can jump into hyper space in the asteroid field.

Glitch: Battle of Endor: Double Millennium Falcons
After you unlock and can use the Millennium Falcon, go to the Battle of Endor mission with it. You will notice two Millennium Falcons in the mission -- the one you are flying and the one Lando is flying.

Glitch: Battle of Endor: Mixed messages:

Select any ship (Naboo Starfighter recommended). At the beginning of the level, turn 180 degrees to the left. Do not crash into the B-Wings. Fly towards the Star Destroyers until the TIE Fighters appear. You will hear the messages in a different order than they should be said.

Glitch: Battle of Endor: Fast Y-Wing
Select the Naboo Starfigher. At the part when you are flying towards the Death Star, you should have a Y-Wing and an A-Wing at your side. Fly as fast as you can towards the Death Star. the Y-Wing should be keeping up with your ship even though Y-Wings are not capable of that type of speed.

Glitch: Battle of Endor: Floating X-Wings:

In the second part of the mission (destroy the Star Destroyers), destroy the Star Destroyer on the left. After that, look around on the right (or if facing it, on the left) of the Admiral's Cruiser. A squad of X-Wings will be floating there, all jumbled up.

Glitch: Battle of Endor: Droid comment:

Play the level in a B-Wing, A-Wing or any bonus ship. Occasionally Wedge will say things such as "R5, try to lock down that stabilizer", even though those ships do not have droids.

Glitch: Battle of Endor: Wrong crash
Select a small ship such as the A-Wing or B-Wing. Go to the large green ship to your immediate left when you start the mission. You should see a small opening for ships to come and go. Fly directly into the opening and you should go a short distance and crash. Although you crashed inside the shipre scene will show you hitting the side.

Glitch: Battle of Endor: Lost TIE Interceptors:

Boost to the right of the Death Star when the bombers attack the Redemption (until the screen sends you back). You should see a couple of TIE Interceptors flying around in geometric patterns.

Glitch: Battle of Endor: Suicidal Y-Wing:

Before the bombers appear, look down at the left side of Home One (when you are between Home One and the Frigate). You will see a Y-Wing rubbing against the side of Home One causing sparks. It will fly a short whilen explode.

Glitch: Battle of Endor: Home 1 turn around:

When Admiral Ackbar says that the shield is down and when the scene shows the fighters going to the Death Star, Home1 is pointing at the Death Star instead of pointing at the Star Destroyers.

Glitch: Battle of Endor: Delayed Star Destroyer destruction
When you go after the Star Destroyers, ram into the command center without destroying any shields. Wedge will say "They're going to blow." This will not work with the A-Wing, TIE Advanced, Car, and perhaps the Tie fighter. They will not go down immediately, but only after a few minutes.

Glitch: Battle of Endor: Intermission sequences:

In the opening intermission sequence, Home 1 disappears instead of going into sub-space. in the second intermission sequence Millennium Falcon shoots a TIE interceptor and misses, but it is still destroyed.

Glitch: Battle of Hoth: Disappearing armor:

When you have to take down the AT-ATs, fire your blasters at them. They take about 100 to 200 shots to blow up because of the armor on the troop section. However, when you trip them and shoot at them they explode.

Glitch: Battle of Hoth: Floating Rebel soldier
In the Battle of Hoth mission near the AT-ATsre is a floating Rebel soldier facing Outpost Beta.

Glitch: Death Star Attack: Mission commentary:

Press Y in the hangar to hear more about the X-Wing. the game will tell you how the X-Wing was the fighter that killed the Death Star, even though your current mission is to destroy it.

Glitch: Death Star Attack: Wingmates will not crash
When you are in the trench, close your S-Foils to get speed and crash with one of the walls that appear in front of you in the start. Make sure your wingmates are behind you when you crash. in the dying intermission sequence, you will see your wingmates going through the wall instead of crashing.

Glitch: Death Star Attack: Wrong shadow:

Complete the first two parts of the level as usual. When you get into the trench, play as usual until Darth Vader flies up behind you. Slow down, and let him get in front of you. Look at the shadow of his TIE. It shows a normal TIE fighter shadow, although his has the large bent wings.

Glitch: Endurance: Shield on Imperial Shuttle:

Use the TIE Advanced or Slave 1 and get to wave 10 (the "Waves completed: 9" message will appear). Fire your Advanced Homing Cluster Missiles at the shuttles. They will go under the shuttle, but not hit them.

Glitch: Endurance: Slave 1 stuck to metal pole
Select Slave 1 as your craft. Since it has a long body (due to its guns) when you start, it will be stuck to the pole. You can stay there long as desired until you press A. Be careful when you start -- do not be too slow. Hold Analog-stick Down to quickly to get out of the pole or you will be jammed and explode. Repeat this step if you got shot down or crash.

Glitch: Imperial Academy Heist: Circling TIE fighter
During the day or night, after stealing the Imperial Shuttle, fly 90 degrees to the left. There should be a TIE fighter doing donuts in the air. He will sometimes shoot at you, but all he does is fly in circles.

Glitch: Imperial Academy Heist: See in mountain at night
In the night mission, get to the second area before the Academy. When you are taking out the walker on the right, you can see inside the mountain.

Glitch: Imperial Academy Heist: Crashing TIE fighters
With any aircraft, make it through the beginning of the level as usual. Fly over to the airfield. Fly up to the big Space Needle-like structure. Fly close around it in circles, and a good number of TIE fighters should crash into the structure.

Glitch: Ison Corridor Ambush: TIE Fighter jumping into hyperspace
If you use a TIE fighter last sequence shows your ship jumping into hyperspace, but TIE fighters cannot accomplish this.

Glitch: Ison Corridor Ambush: No Pilot:

Select the Naboo Starfighter. Watch the intermission sequence when you enter the nebula. There should be no pilot in your ship.

Glitch: Raid On Bespin: Extra Pilot
When you reach the city, get into a Cloudcar. Press X button to switch to the pilot's view. Use the C-stick to look at the right side of your ship. There should be another pilot on that side of the ship.

Glitch: Raid On Bespin: Slow motion
Play the level with a Y-Wing (with cluster bombs). Once you get to the Cloud City, go outside of the city, were the surface of the huge floating craft is smooth. Go at a complete nose dive from a great distance up and unload all your bombs at once. When they hit game will glitch and advance frame by frame in slow motion. Every time you want slow motion on this level, just look at the all the large black burnt marks left from your bombs and it will go frame by frame again.

Glitch: Razor Rendezvous: Confused message:

Take out the Star Destroyer in less than three minutes, and it will crash into the planet. Look carefully to the left of the Star Destroyer when it shows the planet it is crashing into. You should be able to see the Razor to the left of it, and it will go down without it. the pilots act as if the Razor was in it when it goes down by saying, "Let's contact command for support, getting to the Razor's going to be a lot tougher than I thought."

Glitch: Razor Rendezvous: Floating fires:

Go directly to the Star Destroyer after fighting off the TIE fighters, After the first task is done, shoot the two radars then the big gun that shoots ion cannons (blue lasers). Next, shoot the big curved object underneath. Fly around and do not shoot the cockpit (the last target on the Star Destroyer). Fly around until the intermission sequence that shows the Star Destroyer going into hyperspace. the guns and other targets that were destroyed will show the fire hovering, even if it hyperspaces.

Glitch: Strike At the Core: Invisible walls:

Once you reach the giant room with the power generator in it, immediately turn around (do not destroy the tower as instructed) and go back through the tunnel you came in from. After you have been flying for a short time, crash into a wall. When the game resumes, you will be in the giant room with the power generator, but everything will be blacked out, except for the power generator and the tunnel behind you. You can see the entire tunnel because that wall is invisible. Be careful not to crash into the walls floor, or the ceiling.

Glitch: Strike At the Core: Mixed messages:

Choose the X-Wing and fly into the core track. You should hear Lando say "Watch yourself Wedge, we could run out of room real fast." in the movie, Wedge is supposed to say that. If you choose the Millennium Falcon, you will hear it the correct way.

Glitch: Triumph of the Empire: No sound effects
Fly out of the fighting area until the intermission sequence starts to force you back. However, before going out of bounds (or at the exact same time) press Start to display the options menu. If done correctly, when the intermission sequence begins options menu music will play with no sounds from the battle.

Glitch: Vengeance On Kothlis: Freeze game:

Unlock the Naboo Starfighter and select it for the mission. After the transport lands and releases your ground troops, make a few passes with laser fire on them with the Starfighter in cockpit view. the game freeze, requiring you to turn off the Gamecube.

Glitch: Vengeance on Kothlis: Enter Star Destroyer
Choose any ship. Take down the three AT-ATs and go very near to the water near the Star Destroyer . You will pass under one of its edges. Turn right to go near the enginesn turn right again to go on the other side. You will see the Ion Cannons above, but no obstacle to stop you, and you will enter into the Star Destroyer a few seconds before crashing.

Glitch: Vengeance on Kothlis: Two transports:

After you take out the AT-ATsre will be an intermission sequence where the troops appear. If you look at the transport front will have two humps as if two transports are one.

Glitch: Wrong sound
In the Imperial hanger, select the Lambda Shuttle (if available). When you are flying out, it will make the sound of a TIE fighter.

Glitch: Drunk TIE pilots
You can cause the TIE fighters to spiral in place and collide with each other in the Endurance and several other levels by making them follow youn doing a fast U-turn back into the TIE swarm. Since the TIE's AI tells it to run from the front of your ship and chase the back, when you turn into them so quickly they panic and all try to U-turn at once, making them collide with each other. Also, if you keep turning in place the TIEs will slow quickly and start turning little spirals in mid-air. You can then stop and fire on the disorientated TIEs. They will still be spinning for a couple of seconds. Note: This trick works best with fast, maneuverable ships (N-1, X-Wing, Cloud Car, A-wing, TIE Fighter recommended).

Glitch: Imperial Shuttle appears as TIE Advance
In the Triumph of the Empire or Revenge On Yavin levels, choose the Imperial Shuttle. When the intermission sequences at the start of the levels begin, you should see the Shuttle as the TIE Advance.

Glitch: TIE Fighter appears as TIE Advance:

When you unlock the secret mission, Triumph of the Empire and also unlock the regular TIE Fighter intermission sequence before you begin will show your ship as the TIE Advance. This also implies if you let the Death Star explode cut-scene after that will show your ship as the TIE Advance.

Glitch: TIE Fighter appears as torpedo:

Shoot a TIE Fighter or any enemy that flies on the back and they will resemble a torpedo. However they will not collide or anything else.

Glitch: Floating AT-AT
Look closely at the feet of the AT-AT on the Battle of Hoth mission to see that they are not actually touching the ground.

Glitch: Pilot's head in car
Enable the "Car" code and choose it as your craft to see just the pilot's head in it.

Glitch: Wingmates crash into each other:

Play any level that you can use the Naboo Starfighter. Select that craft, and call your partners to follow you. Zoom out the view so you can see all three ships (you and your wingmates). Hold Z and have the ship do barrel rolls. Because the Naboo Starfighter rolls so fast, you teammates will go in circles and eventually start ramming into each other. Note: This sometimes takes awhile.

Glitch: Move through wall
Hold Analog-stick Up + C-stick Up and repeatedly tap X to move through walls or a space that you normally cannot get through.

Glitch: Paused game music during game play:

Crash yourself into an object so that you explode, but immediately press Start to pause game play just before the crash. If done correctly pause menu will not appear, but its music will play. to stop this, pause game play and select "Continue".

Glitch: Misspelling
The world "Skywalker" is misspelled in the credits after the regular missions are completed.

Glitch: Manual error
In the Air Speeder's profile in the manual picture is not a Speeder, but an A-Wing.

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