Staples Free Computer and Technology Recycling

Recycle Computers, Tablets, Routers, Hard Drives, and More for Free

Picture of obsolete computer electronics equipment gathered for recycling
Electronics Recycling. © Baran azdemir / E+ / Getty Images

Staples will recycle lots of devices, regardless of the brand, condition, or store where you originally purchased them.

Not only will Staples recycle your old desktop, laptop, tablet computers, and peripherals, they'll also do the same for your eReader, shredder, monitor, GPS, battery backup, digital camera, MP3 player, ink and toner, external hard drive, cordless phone, wireless router, and more.

Staples keeps a complete list of acceptable and prohibited items on their Staples Recycling page.

What Are the Benefits of Recycling With Staples?

Recycling with Staples comes with more benefits than just getting rid of your old electronics that are taking up space in your garage or closet.

With the Staples trade-in program, you're able to get money back just for getting rid of your unused devices!

Visit the link below to learn more about how the trade-in program works and which devices are supported. You can bring your devices to a store or ship it through the mail. Either method will reward you with a Staples eCash Card.

When recycling empty ink and toner cartridges, you'll get $2 back in Staples Rewards for each and every one.

How to Trade-In Devices Online (Through the Mail)

If you're trading in your device online, use the GET STARTED button through that link above to get a quote for how much you can earn.

To do this, just search for your device or browse through the categories until you find it, and then answer a few questions about the condition and functionality of the device. You may also have to submit a serial number or other identifiable number before you can continue through to sending the device in.

For example, if you're trading in an old iPhone 5, use the TRADE IN NOW > Apple > iPhone 5 navigation buttons to find the phone that matches yours - the one that lists the same carrier and hard drive capacity as yours. Then, after you select TRADE-IN, you'll be asked some questions like whether the phone powers on, if it has a broken screen, and if you've turned off some of the security features.

Finally, you can get a quote for how much you might get back for your device, with the GET QUOTE button. You can then print off the quote and take the device in to Staples or continue online by adding it to your cart and following any other instructions.

How Do You Recycle With Staples?

If you're not interested in trading in your electronics, or it can't be done through the mail, just bring them to your local Staples store to have them recycled for free.

All U.S. Staples stores support recycling electronics, except for Staples Copy & Print Shops, and you can recycle as many as six items per day.

Though Staples will erase all the data on the hard drives that you recycle, I still recommend that you do it yourself first to ensure that none of your private information is still lingering before getting rid of it.

See How to Wipe a Hard Drive for a complete tutorial on permanently erasing everything on your hard drive. It's easy to do and the software required is completely free.

Businesses with more than 20 employees can benefit from Staples Advantage for their recycling needs, which partners with Electronic Recyclers International to securely destroy all data in bulk on mobile devices, servers, computers, and other devices.