Staples Free Computer and Technology Recycling

Recycle computers, batteries, tablets, routers, hard drives, and more for free

Staples will recycle lots of devices, regardless of the brand, condition, or store where you originally purchased them.

Not only will they recycle your old desktop, laptop, tablet computers, and peripherals, they'll also do the same for your eReader, shredder, monitor, GPS device, battery backup, digital camera, MP3 player, ink and toner, external hard drive, cordless phone, wireless router, and more.

They keep a complete list of acceptable and prohibited items on their Recycling Services page.

What Are the Benefits of Recycling With Staples?

Recycling with Staples comes with the clear benefit of you being able to get rid of old electronics that are taking up space in your garage or closet. It's sometimes confusing to know what you're allowed to throw away and what you should recycle. Staples makes it easy by supporting a variety of products. Plus, it's totally free.

Visit the link below to learn more about how their recycling service works and which devices are supported and not supported. Bring your devices to a Staples store to get rid of them.

When recycling empty ink and toner cartridges, you'll get $2 back in Staples Rewards for each and every one.

Can You Trade-In Devices at Staples?

You used to be able to trade in your items online via a special trade-in page on their website. However, that method hasn't been available for some time, and there aren't any details about whether online trade-ins will resume in the future.

How Do You Recycle With Staples?

Just bring your devices to your local Staples to have them recycled for free. All U.S. Staples stores support recycling electronics, except for smaller-format stores in NYC and Washington, DC.

Staples accepts up to seven items per day, per customer. More might be supported at your store, but that's up to the general manager of that location.

Remember that not all items are accepted for recycling. Some examples of prohibited items include appliances, bulbs and lamps, large servers, TVs, and smoke detectors. There's a full list through the link below.

Staples also lets you properly dispose of old batteries. To use Staple's free battery recycling, make sure the battery isn't heavier than 11 pounds and that it falls somewhere on the accepted list of recyclables. Just like with electronics, your battery does not need to work for you to recycle it. Staples will sort and recycle yours into new batteries.

Although Staples will erase all the data on the hard drives that you recycle, we still recommend that you do it yourself first to ensure that none of your private information is still lingering before getting rid of it. Learn how to wipe a hard drive if you need help.

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