SSuite Office Review

Download dozens of free work-related tools

SSuite Office can be used as a free Microsoft Office alternative because of its word processor, spreadsheet program, and email client. Some of the MS Office file types can even be used in SSuite Office.

Beyond its standard office programs, SSuite Office also includes a file transfer utility that you can use to send and receive files between other computers, instant messaging programs, games, and lots more.

What We Like
  • Supports common file formats.

  • Portable version is available.

  • Lots of work-related tools.

What We Don't Like
  • Outdated, non-user-friendly interface.

  • Spell check isn't automatic.

  • Hard to locate all the included programs.

  • Must install all the tools; can't pick and choose which to keep.

More About SSuite Office

When you install SSuite Office, several tools are added to your computer, with these three being the "primary" ones that are included as shortcuts on your desktop:

  • SSuite Accel Spreadsheets: Free spreadsheet program
  • SSuite NetVine Suite: Toolbar for accessing the instant messenger, email client, and file transfer tool
  • SSuite WordGraph: Free word processor
SSuite Accel empty spreadsheet

The other programs that come with SSuite Office aren't necessary office related, but can still be beneficial. They include Image Editor, FaceCom Portal, FaceTime Video Phone, Presentation Image Viewer, NetSurfer, AddressBook, AgnotSecurity, BriefCase, Chess, CleverNote, ClipViewer, ClockNew, DatePlanner, DocHolder, Envelope Address Printer, File Printer, File Shredder and Burner, Knots and Crosses, Instant LAN Scan, Number Line Up, The Lottery Machine, My Calendar Diary, Wave Recorder, Screen Ruler, System Overview, Wave to MP3 Converter, and others.

All of the network-related SSuite Office programs are local to the network you're on. The idea is to use them within a local work network. For example, you could launch the IM program, file transfer tool, or phone app to communicate with co-workers on your same local network. No external internet access is required.

All of these items are included in SSuite Office Excalibur Release. However, on the download page, through the link above, are other office suites from this company that might include other features, including a portable office suite and one that runs entirely online.

SSuite Office File Formats

These are the different file formats you can open and save to with a few of the SSuite Office Excalibur tools:

SSuite WordGraph

  • Saves to: All of the above, plus WTP

SSuite Accel

  • Opens: VTS, XLS, TXT, BMS, CSV
  • Saves to: All of the above, plus ATP

SSuite Presentation

  • Saves to: PHT

SSuite Image Editor

  • Saves to: BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, EMF

As you can see, popular file formats such as DOC and XLS, those used in Microsoft Office, are fully supported in SSuite Office. However, the newer formats, DOCX and XLSX, are not.

SSuite Office vs Microsoft Office

MS Office and SSuite Office have many of the same types of programs, like a spreadsheet program, word processor, email client, presentation program, and note-taking software.

On that surface, it's easy to think that you could replace MS Office with SSuite Office. However, many of the programs found in SSuite Office can hardly be compared to Microsoft Office because the usability and functionality of the suite pales in comparison to Microsoft's offerings.

Overall, the word processors and spreadsheet programs are the most similar in both suites since a few of the same file formats are allowed in both. But the fact that SSuite Office's messaging tools can't send to outside addresses, and the programs themselves appear severely outdated and hard to use, makes it not as appealing as Microsoft Office.

Thoughts On SSuite Office

At first glance, it appears that SSuite Office would be a phenomenal program to download because of its large collection of software. We have to disagree, though, as we find only the word processor and spreadsheet program to be of any worth.

The presentation/slideshow program is very limited and hardly can be called presentation software. It simply lets you load images and then move through them like you would a simple gallery. There aren't any editing tasks at all, such as adding text or effects.

We also don't care for the email client because, as with the other software in the suite, it can only message other computers on your local network. If that's what you're after, then by all means use it; most other email clients require a much longer setup procedure. However, because it's limited to the local network you're currently using, it has a very narrow use.

There's an option to save to online storage services but a couple of the options didn't work for us. It also seems that the web browser built into SSuite Office is too far outdated to be used with some websites, which is a shame because this feature would have been really nice.

Overall, the only positive thing we can actually collect from SSuite Office is that there are games included, the word processor works fine, and the spreadsheet software can use Microsoft's XLS file format.

However, we highly suggest using any other free office suite, such as LibreOffice for a wide range of file format support, WPS Office for easy usability and a clean interface, or Google Drive for working entirely online without the need for software.