Square Cash Arrives for Apple Watch

Send cash to your friends with a few taps on your wrist

Square Cash is now available for the Apple Watch.

If you’re not familiar, Square Cash is an app made by Square (the company who makes those tiny credit card readers that some small businesses use on their phones), designed for individuals to send money to each other. 

For instance, if you and a friend go out to dinner and want to split the bill, Square Cash can be a great way to send your friend your half of the bill while you’re still out, without having to ask the waiter to split the check into two credit cards.

Sending cash requires both people sign up for Square Cash accounts with their debit cards. When you send money, it’s done over email, and the funds are often available in the recipient’s account immediately. So, if you’re sending you friend cash for half the bill, he or she will likely be able to use those funds immediately for the purchase, rather than waiting a few days to get the money in their account like some other services out there.

Square already had an iPhone app for its Square Cash service, although you didn’t need it to send money. Transactions can be made simply by emailing someone who you want to send money to with the amount you’d like to send in the subject line and CCing cash@square.com in the message. the iPhone app handled all that for you, and now the Apple Watch does the same.

With Square Cash for the Apple Watch, you’ll simply tap on the denomination of money you’d like to send your friend and then send it on its way.

Rather than type in numbers, the app has you tap on virtual bills on your Apple Watch screen to send funds. For instance, for a $33 bill, you might tap on the $20 icon, the $10 icon, and then the $1 icon three times. If you're trying to send an odd amount you're a bit out of luck -- there's no change option in the app -- so you'll need to round up (or down) to the nearest dollar amount rather than send an exact amount.

The Apple Watch app also offers actionable notifications. So, if your friend makes a request for funds through the Square Cash app for that $33, then you can accept or reject the request from your wrist without needing to pull out your phone. If you accept, then funds will be on their way. It's a lot easier than pulling out your phone, launching the app, and trying to send or receive funds. Especially when your friend makes the request, there's nothing easier than just tapping accept on your wrist while you're still enjoying dessert at the table.

The Apple Watch app also takes advantage of Bluetooth LE technology, allowing you to send money to people nearby. Friends who don’t have the mobile version of the app can sign up on the web, so they don’t have to have a smartphone in order to use the service.

If you want to give Square Cash a try on your Apple Watch, you can do so now by downloading the newest version of the app from the App Store.