How to Squad Stream on Twitch

Everything you need to know about Twitch squad streaming

What to Know

  • Open your Creator Dashboard > Stream Manager > Start Squad Stream in the Quick Actions section. 
  • Squad Stream tile > Add Channel, type name of channel to invite, select channel > click Start Squad Stream.
  • If you don't see the Squad Streaming option, make sure that you are an approved Twitch Partner.

This article explains how to Squad Stream on Twitch.

How Do I Start a Squad Stream on Twitch?

You can set up and start a Squad Stream on the Twitch website through the Stream Manager. You can start a new squad, start a Twitch stream with an existing squad, or accept an invite to a squad through the same interface.

Squad Streaming is only available to Twitch Partners, and you can only invite other Twitch Partners to your squad.

Here’s how to start a Squad Stream on Twitch:

  1. Navigate to, and click your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen.

    The user avatar highlighted in the upper right corner of Twitch.
  2. Click Creator Dashboard.

    Creator Dashboard highlighted in the Twitch drop down menu.
  3. Click Stream Manager.

    Stream Manager highlighted in the left side Creator Dashboard menu in Twitch.
  4. Click Start Squad Stream in the Quick Actions section.

    Start Squad Stream highlighted in Quick Actions on Twitch.

    If you don’t see Squad Stream, click + and add the Squad Stream button. If you don’t see Quick Actions, click any card on this screen and move it slightly, click the + that appears on the right side of the screen, and click Quick Actions, then click Save in the upper left corner.

  5. Click Add a Channel.

    Add a Channel highlighted on the Squad Stream card on Twitch.

    To accept an invite to someone else’s squad instead of starting your own, click Invites and select the invite you want to accept.

  6. Type the name of the channel you want to invite, and select it.

    Adding a friend to a Squad Stream on Twitch.

    You can add up to four channels.

  7. Wait for the channel or channels to accept your invite, and click Start Squad Stream to launch your Squad Stream.

    Start Squad Stream highlighted in the Twitch Stream Manager.

How Do You Use Squad Stream?

Squad Stream is a useful Twitch feature which lets you stream alongside up to three of your friends. Twitch handles everything on the back end, so you don’t need to worry about configuring OBS to handle multiple streamers. To set up a Squad Stream, you can either invite your friends or accept an invite to somebody else’s stream through the Stream Manager in your Creator Dashboard.

When you click Start Squad Stream in your Stream Manager, it adds a banner to each streamer’s channel page. If a viewer clicks the banner, they can watch all of your streams at the same time in squad mode. This mode displays video from all of the squad streamers on the screen at once, with one video displayed larger than the others.

If one of the squad streamers leaves during the stream, their viewers will remain with the stream in squad mode. You can even leave mid-stream if you’re the squad leader. In that case, the first channel you invited will become the new leader. 

How Many Followers Do You Need to Squad Stream on Twitch?

There isn’t a minimum number of followers required to use the Squad Stream function, but it is limited to Twitch Partners. That means you need to complete the requirements for the partner program and then be accepted into the program before you can use this feature.

Twitch sets minimum requirements to apply for the Partner program, but meeting those requirements doesn’t guarantee you’ll get in. 

Here are the minimum requirements you need to meet before you can apply to the Twitch Partner program:

  • Live stream on Twitch for at least 25 hours each month.
  • Go live at least 12 days throughout the month.
  • Maintain an average of 75 viewers on your streams.
  • How do I watch a squad stream on Twitch?

    When a channel is part of a squad stream, you'll see a Watch in Squad Mode button under their streaming window. Click it to see everyone's feeds at the same time. To leave this view, click Exit Squad Mode in the upper-right corner above the chat box.

  • How do I find a squad stream on Twitch?

    You can find squad streams that are currently in progress using Twitch's search function. Look for the "Squad stream" tag for ones that are active.

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