SpyPig - Certified Email Service

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SpyPig lets you set up small images which, added to outgoing emails, tell you when these messages have been opened.

SpyPig is best for the occasional email, though, as it requires some action per message. There's also no way to make SpyPig work when the recipient does not download the image, so SpyPig is not fully certified email.
Unfortunately, SpyPig is no longer available.


  • SpyPig lets you know when your email has been opened
  • New SpyPig images to track messages are easily set up on the fly
  • SpyPig tracks smartly and lets you know when you opened your own email (e.g. in the "Sent" folder)


  • SpyPig does require some manual copying and pasting for every email you want to track
  • Recipients cannot choose whether they want their action to be tracked
  • SpyPig works only when the recipient does download the remote image when opening the email


  • SpyPig lets you create an image to be used for tracking an email.
  • You copy the image to your message. When the recipient opens your email, it is downloaded from SpyPig and you are notified.
  • SpyPig offers a number of designs to choose (including a transparent image).
  • You can assign each image (and thus message) a title to identify it.

Guide Review - SpyPig - Certified Email Service

All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others, proclaim the ruling pigs in Orwell's Animal Farm. The SpyPigs themselves look identical, for example, but each tracks its own individual email message.

Where do the SpyPigs come from? From the SpyPigs site, of course. There, you can set up your own delivery tracking image. (You can choose from a number of designs and even a blank image that will, for the most part, hide your tracking intentions, but the standard pig is clearly the most appealing.)

Copy and paste the image into an HTML message, and SpyPig will let you know as soon as the email has been opened. This works because the image resides at SpyPig servers and has to be downloaded by the recipient's email program or service when the message is opened.

If the recipient decides not to view remote images, SpyPig tracking does not work. SpyPig does not offer a way around this and thus cannot certify email delivery in all cases, but it is still useful as a way to track the occasional message to a recipient you know.

In general, SpyPig is best used for the sporadic tracking need since you have to set up a pig image and copy and paste each time.