The Difference Between SpotPass and StreetPass

Nintendo 3DS StreetPass
Nintendo 3DS StreetPass.


Wondering how your Nintendo 3DS connects to the outside world? The handheld video game console has communications systems called SpotPass and StreetPass that differ in several ways.

SpotPass vs StreetPass

SpotPass refers to the Nintendo 3DS's ability to access a Wi-Fi connection in order to automatically download certain kinds of content. StreetPass refers to the Nintendo 3DS's ability to connect to another 3DS system and swap certain information (also wirelessly, though without the need for a Wi-Fi connection).

When SpotPass is Used

SpotPass is generally used to download game demos, videos from the Nintendo Video Service, SwapNotes, and additional content for games that you already own.

How StreetPass Works

StreetPass allows two Nintendo 3DS units to exchange certain information. This information includes Miis (collected Mii characters will automatically go into the Mii Plaza), specific features in StreetPass-enabled games, and SwapNotes. At StreetPass Relay Points, you can collect data from the most recent six visitors.