Spotify's Only You Offers Focused Listening Experiences

Create individualized playlists using analytics

Spotify has unveiled its new in-app experience, Only You, which will create shareable, personalized playlists based on users' own music and podcast listening habits.

Only You Audio Birth Chart
Image: Spotify.


Only You's "Audio Birth Chart" feature assigns astrology-like Sun, Moon, and Rising signs to each user, based on who they listen to. Meanwhile, "Your Dream Dinner Party" will generate a personalized mix based on which three artists they choose to attend the imaginary event.

Options like "Your Artist Pairs" and "Your Song Year" look at recent artist pairings and origin years, respectively. Finally, "Your Time of Day" and "Your Genres/Topics" will tell users when and what they listen to most often.

Only You also will auto-generate "share cards" that will let users see when, where, and which songs fans of their favorite artist are listening to. However, the new Blend feature takes the social element even further by allowing paired users to mix, match, and share a "blend" of their listening interests. It's sort of like a collaborative mixtape that will adjust itself over time as each user's listening habits change. Blend is still currently in the beta stages, but it is available globally on both Android and iOS.

Only You Artist Share Cards
Image: Spotify.


The new service seems to have been well-received so far, with Twitter user @driguinhi stating, "I love how Spotify just reads me every single time."

With the recent addition of offline playback for the Apple Watch and the planned Wear OS update for Android Smartwatches, Spotify's new social experiment will likely see a lot of use in the future.

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