Spotify Wrapped 2022 Puts Your Favorites All In One Spot

The top artist goes to…

It’s that time of year again, and as the snow begins to fall, so does the annual Spotify Wrapped event. 

For the uninitiated, Spotify Wrapped delivers personal metrics to each user regarding their favorite songs and artists of the year, but it also announces the most popular tracks and musicians throughout the entire platform. 

The Spotify Wrapped graphic.


Who nabbed the prize for the top artist this year? It’s Bad Bunny, who also claimed the top spot with Apple Music. Bunny (we are not yet on a first-name basis) is the most-streamed artist in the world, a position he has held since 2020. In honor of this achievement, Spotify has turned the heart button into the singer’s custom red-heart icon. Good bunny! 

Other top artists include familiar names like Taylor Swift, Drake, The Weeknd, and K-Pop sensation BTS. Swift nabbed the top spot for Most Viral Artist, likely due to that midnight album launch of the appropriately-named Midnights. 

The top song award goes to Harry Styles with As it Was, meaning this track was streamed the most times throughout the world. The most-streamed album, however, is all Bad Bunny, with his Un Verano Sin Ti effort. 

As for the most popular podcast, you can guess. It’s Joe Rogan, so at least that $100 million payout to the famously buff podcaster is bearing fruit. 

The service also keeps track of some fascinating trends, such as the most-streamed throwback song. It’s that one by Kate Bush, who has the only song in existence that is scientifically proven to ward off humanoid monsters living in the Upside Down. Other popular throwbacks include tracks by Eminem, Nirvana, and the recently-deceased Coolio. 

Visit Spotify Wrapped for more stats, or head into your personal Spotify account to receive your unique Wrapped experience. 

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