Spotify Users Report Battery Drain After iOS 15 Update

In some cases, phones also run much hotter than usual

Spotify users with iOS 14.8 or iOS 15 installed have begun encountering problems with their phones losing battery power quickly and sometimes running hot.

The Spotify Community has been dealing with overheating and pronounced battery drainage when using the app with iOS 14.8 or 15 installed. According to several users, when Spotify is running, it will often cause their battery levels to drop off at a much faster rate than usual. Some also are reporting that their phones will get extremely hot when listening to music.

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Problems are being reported across several different models, as well, from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone 12. Some users see up to half of their phone's battery being used up by Spotify (according to their usage data), while others say the battery gets drained entirely after an hour.

Spotify Community member RandomIosDude believes the latest Spotify update is the problem. "I am using two versions of Spotify on IOS 15. With the older version, there is no battery drain or overheating," RandomIosDude states.

"So it's a new bug with the newer Spotify app. I ran Spotify, the older one, on IOS 15 last night for about three hours. I fell asleep by accident. Woke up to maybe six percent of my battery drained if that."

According to Spotify Community moderator Mario, Spotify has been made aware of the situation and has a team looking into the problem. In the meantime it's recommended that affected users try to restart or reinstall the Spotify app, then disable Background App Refresh if the problem persists.

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Though another option is to just stop using the app if it acts up. This obviously isn't ideal if you use it often or want to listen to one of your playlists.

With Spotify on the case, the hope is that a fix will be made available soon. For the moment, however, there's been no word on a specific cause or an estimate for when there might be a patch.

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