The 22 Best Tips and Tricks For Spotify

Take your streaming experience to new levels

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services. If you’re a music enthusiast who wants total control over your listening experience, Spotify's premium subscription is definitely the way to go. These tips and tricks are primarily for the premium user, although you may be able to take advantage of at least some of them with a free account as well. 

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Listen to the Discover Weekly Playlist

Spotify Discover Weekly screenshot

Spotify offers users a unique playlist called Discover Weekly, which is updated every Monday with a roundup of songs based on the music you already love. The more you use Spotify, the more Spotify can learn about your listening habits so that it can get better at delivering the best songs just for you.

You can find the Discover Weekly playlist simply by accessing your playlists in Spotify. It will likely be listed as the first one.

When you hear a song you like, you can add it to your Spotify, add it to another playlist, go to the album it's from, and so much more.

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Organize Your Playlists Into Folders

Spotify Playlist Folder screenshot

This may not be necessary if you’ve only got a handful of playlists, but if you’re a long time Spotify user with a wide range of tastes in music, chances are you’ve got lots of playlists you have to scroll through to find the right one. You can avoid wasting so much time by using playlist folders to categorize related groups of playlists.

At this point, it looks like this can only be hidden from the Spotify desktop app. Simply navigate to File in the top menu and click New Playlist Folder. A new field will appear in the left column where your playlists are, which you can use to name your new playlist folder.

To start organizing your playlists into folders, simply click on the playlist you want to move to drag it to the appropriate folder. Clicking on the name of the folder will bring up your playlists in the main window while clicking on the little arrow icon beside the name of the folder will allow you to expand and collapse its contents directly in the column.

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See Your Music Streaming History

Spotify History screenshot

If you use Spotify to search around for new music to discover, there’s always a chance you’ll miss something good by forgetting to save it to your music or add it to a playlist. Lucky for you, there’s an easy way to check your streaming history on the desktop app.

Simply click the Queue button located on the bottom player, marked by the icon with the three horizontal lines. Then click the History tab to see a list of the last 50 songs you played.

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Easily Switch to Private Listening Mode

Spotify Private screenshot

Spotify is social, which can be great when you want to tune into what your friends are listening to and vice versa. It’s not so useful, however, when you want to listen to something a little more obscure and don’t want your friends to judge you badly for it.

You could get new friends, or you could just stop your music from being shared for a little while. Whenever you just don’t want anyone to see what you’re listening to, just switch your listening to private mode and you’ll be all good. You can do this on the desktop app by clicking the arrow in the top right corner beside your username and clicking Private Session from the dropdown menu.

To listen in private mode on the mobile app, access Your Library, tap the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen to access your settings, tap the Social option and finally turn the Private Session on so that it’s green. You can switch this option off and turn it back on any time you want.

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Start a Radio Station from Any Song

Spotify Stations screenshot

Spotify has a Stations option located under Your Music, which suggests radio stations based on the artists you’ve been listening to plus related artists. You can also browse through radio stations by genre.

One of the more convenient options Spotify has is the ability to start a radio station based on a single song you’re listening to. This will give you a pre-built playlist of songs from the same artist and similar ones.

To start listening to a radio station based off of any individual song on the desktop app, just hover your cursor over the song in the main tab and click the three dots that appear to the very right of it. From the dropdown menu, click Start Song Radio.

To start listening to a radio station based off of any individual song on the mobile app, tap the three dots beside the song or pull up the player from the bottom and tap the three dots there. You’ll see a Go to Radio option that will bring you to a radio station playlist.

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Save Your Data by Downloading Music

Spotify Offline screenshot

Say what? You can download music from a music streaming service?

Well, sort of. First of all, you have to be a premium user to use this feature. Second, the music doesn’t download to your device so you can keep it forever. It simply downloads it temporarily within your Spotify account.

According to Spotify, you can listen to up to 3,333 songs offline without an internet connection. This is extremely useful if you love to listen to music while walking, in transit, or at any public place that doesn’t offer free WiFi to its visitors.

On any playlist or artist album you’re looking at in the main tab of the desktop app, click Download just above the list of tracks. Spotify will take a few seconds to several minutes to download your music (depending on how much you're downloading), and the green Downloaded button will be turned on so you know it worked.

On the mobile app, you should also see a Download option with a button right above all the tracks listed for a playlist or artist album. Tap to download your music and turn on the button so it’s green for listening offline.

Download songs only when you have a WiFi connection to avoid extra data charges. Even if you listen to songs you’ve downloaded while connected to the internet, Spotify will automatically switch to offline mode if you lose the connection.

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Automatically Save Songs from YouTube or SoundCloud to Spotify

Spotify YouTube screenshot

Chances are you discover new music outside of Spotify. If you come across a new music video on YouTube or a great track on SoundCloud, you can take the pain out of manually adding it to your Spotify music collection by using IFTTT.

IFTTT is a tool that you can use to access all sorts of different apps and services so that they can be linked in a way that automates triggers and actions. Two of the most popular IFTTT recipes built for Spotify include:

IFTTT is free to sign up and there are lots of great existing recipes that you can start using immediately.

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Add Songs to Spotify from Shazam

Spotify Shazam screenshots

Shazam is a popular music app that people use to identify songs that they hear on the radio or somewhere else where the song title and artist name aren’t clear. After Shazam identifies a song for you, you have the option to automatically add it to your Spotify music collection.

Once the song has been identified, look for the More option, which should pull up some extra listening options. Listen with Spotify should be one of them.

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Listen to a Quick Preview of Any Song or Album on the App

Spotify Preview screenshot

When you’re searching around for new music to add to your collection within the app, there’s no need to listen to full songs or entire albums if you’re strapped for time. Instead, you can simply tap and hold any song title or album cover to hear a quick preview.

The app will start playing a small selection so you can quickly decide whether you like it or not. When you remove your hold, the preview will stop playing.

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Turn on the Crossfade Feature

Spotify Crossfade screenshot

If you don’t like the pause that separates the end of one song from the beginning of another, you can turn on the crossfade feature so that songs blend together as they finish and start. You can customize crossfading to be between 1 to 12 seconds.

Access your settings from the desktop application and then scroll down to look for Show Advanced Features. Click on that and continue scrolling until you see a crossfade option under the Playback section. Turn this option on and customize it however you want.

To access this feature from within the mobile app, access your settings, tap Playback and customize your crossfade setting.

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Use Search Qualifiers for Enhanced Discovery

Spotify Search screenshot

You probably already know that you can use Spotify’s search function to search for song titles, artists, albums and playlists. But by using specific search qualifiers before your search term, you can filter down your results even further so you don’t have to browse through anything irrelevant.

Try searches like these in Spotify

  • artist:Michael Jackson (Use this to search only through artist names)
  • album:Views (Use this to only search through album names)
  • year:1993 (Use this to search only for songs released in a specific year)
  • year:1993-1997 (Use this to search for songs released within a specific date range)
  • genre:classical (Use this to search only for songs that belong to a specific genre)

You can even combine these in one search. Search Engine Watch has more on how this works, including how to use AND, OR and NOT to really refine your results.

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Use Keyboard Shortcuts for a Faster Music Experience

Spotify Shortcuts screenshot

If you frequently use Spotify from the desktop app or web, you probably find yourself having to move your mouse around a lot so you can click on all sorts of things. To save yourself bot the time and energy, consider memorizing a few of the best keyboard shortcuts to speed things up a little.

Here are just a few shortcuts you’ll want to put to memory:

  • Create a new playlist: Ctrl-N (Windows) or Cmd-N (Mac)
  • Play pause: Space Next track: Ctrl-Right (Windows) or Ctrl-Cmd-Right (Mac)
  • Volume up: Ctrl-Up (Windows) or (Cmd-Up) (Mac)
  • Volume down: Ctrl-Down (Windows) or (Cmd-Down) (Mac)

Check out Spotify’s full list of keyboard shortcuts to check more that you may want to use.

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Recover Previously Deleted Playlists

Spotify Playlists screenshot

We all have regrets. Sometimes, those regrets involve deleting Spotify playlists that we wish we could listen to again.

Luckily, Spotify has a unique feature that allows users to recover playlists they’ve deleted. Visit on the web, sign in to your Spotify account and you’ll see a list of playlists that you’ve deleted.

Click to restore any playlist you want to your Spotify account. (If you've never deleted a playlist, like many of us, then you won't see anything.)

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Use the Spotify App With Runkeeper

Spotify Runnung screenshots

Runkeeper is a popular running app that can be integrated with your Spotify account so that you can gain access to a collection of Spotify Running playlists. All you have to do is select a playlist and then tap Start Run.

Runkeeper will ask you to start running so that it can detect your tempo and then match the tempo of the music to your running. For full instructions on how to connect your Spotify account to Runkeeper, follow the steps shown here.

Alternatively, you can navigate to Browse in the Spotify mobile app and select the Running option under Genres & Moods, which will give you playlists built to match your tempo while you run. Learn more about Spotify Running here.

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Use Spotify to DJ Your Next Party

Spotify Djay screenshot

Djay is an advanced DJing app that transforms your computer or mobile device into a full-featured DJ system. If you have a Spotify premium account, you can integrate it with djay to take your party music to the next level.

Spotify also works with one of djay’s most unique features called Match, which recommends songs based on what you’re currently playing so that practically anyone can create professional sounding mixes regardless of their DJing skills. Songs are chosen based on dance-ability beats per minute, key and music style.

Djay is an app with two versions—the premium Djay Pro (for Mac, Windows, iPad and iPhone) and the free Djay 2 (for iPhone, iPad and Android).

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Use Spotify’s Built-In Party Mode Feature

Spotify Party screenshot

If you’re not ready to invest in a third-party premium DJing app, then you can take advantage of the Party Mode feature in Spotify. This gives you access to flowing party mixes with three different adjustable levels to suit the mood.

To find this feature, navigate to Browse followed by Genres & Moods and look for the Party option. Select a playlist and then adjust the mood if you want before hitting Start Party.

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Collaborate With Your Friends to Create Playlists

Spotify Playlists screenshot

If you’re planning a shindig or heading out on the road with friends, it can help to have music that everyone likes. For friends who also use Spotify, you can both work together to add what you like to a single playlist.

On the desktop app, right click on any playlist and then click Collaborative Playlist. On the mobile app, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of your playlist and then tap Make Collaborative.

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Use Your Mobile Device as a Remote for Spotify on Your Computer

Spotify Devices screenshot

You can use your Spotify account from all sorts of different devices. It will seamlessly switch and sync up everything you’re playing when you start listening from one device to the next.

If you’re a premium user and you want to listen to Spotify from your computer, but don’t want have to walk over to it every time you want to switch to a new song, then you can use your smartphone or tablet to act as a remote control. Just access your settings from the desktop, scroll down and click Open Devices Menu under the Devices section.

Start playing Spotify from your mobile device. In the Devices Menu, your desktop and mobile device will appear. Click the desktop option to keep playing Spotify on your computer, but now you’ll be able to control everything from the Spotify app on your mobile device.

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Send Songs to People via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

Spotify Send screenshots

Spotify users love to share what they’re listening to on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and others. But did you know that you can privately message them to people you’re connected to on Facebook and WhatsApp?

When you’re listening to something within the app, tap the three dots located in the upper right corner, tap Send to… and you’ll see that Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are two options you have (in addition to Spotify friends, email and text message).

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Listen to Songs That Have Never Been Played, Ever

Forgotify screenshot

Incredibly, millions of songs exist on Spotify that no one has ever played even once. Forgotify is a tool that helps Spotify users discover these songs so they can check them out.

Just click the Start Listening button and sign into your Spotify account. Who knows—maybe you’ll stumble across something you’ll want to listen to more than once.

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Discover Upcoming Concerts in Your Area

Spotify Concerts screenshot

Spotify actually tracks artists’ tours and shows in cities around the world so you can see who’s going to be near you—including when and where. To see this, navigate to the Browse section and switch to view the Concerts tab.

You’ll see upcoming artist concerts recommended for you based on what you already have in your collection plus a list of popular artists with upcoming concerts. Click or tap any artist to see their concert details on Songkick.

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Listen to Spotify When You Ride With Uber

Spotify Uber
Photo Oli Scarff / Getty Images

In Spotify-enabled Uber cars, you can actually gain complete control over the music by simply using the Uber app to connect to your Spotify account. It doesn’t use up any of your data, and you have the option to choose from featured ride playlists or your own music.

Access your profile within the Uber app and look for the Connect Spotify option. Once you connect it, you’ll see a Spotify option at the bottom of your Uber app screen any time you request a ride.

And that's all the amazing Spotify tips and tricks we have for you right now! As the platform continues to evolve and new features are added, this list may grow to include several more tips worth knowing about.

For now, stick with these and you'll be well ahead of the game in Spotify land.

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