Spotify Rolls Out New Enhance Feature for Premium Users

Offering playlist recommendations based on what's already in your own lists

Spotify's new Enhance feature has begun rolling out, intended to help you curate your playlists with recommendations based on what you like.

The hope is that Enhance will make it easier for you to create new playlists, whether you're looking to expand your musical horizons or capture a specific mood. It's a purely optional feature, though, so if you aren't interested you can always turn it off (or never turn it on).

Spotify Enhance


If you do turn Enhance on, Spotify will provide its own recommendations based on the track list you're listening to. You'll get a new suggestion after every two songs, for a total of up to 30 in a given list. If you like one of Spotify's suggestions you can permanently add it to the playlist with a tap. Spotify points out that this function simply adds new tracks to the list—it won't replace any of the music you have lined up.

Spotify Enhance menu


It looks like Enhance only will be available for Premium users, however. So if you're not already subscribed you'll need to pony up at least $9.99 per month (for the Individual plan) in order to make use of it. Though if you are a new subscriber you can at least get three months free to try it out first.

Enhance begins rolling out today, and will continue throughout the next month, to select markets including (but not limited to) the US and Canada. Spotify expects to expand the feature to additional markets in the coming months, as well.

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