Spotify Partners With Storytel to Bring Audiobooks to Listeners

It's happening later this year, but not in the US

Spotify will soon offer audiobooks for listeners, announcing a partnership with Sweden-based audiobook company Storytel to bring audiobooks to the platform later this year.

Spotify announced the partnership on Thursday, noting that Storytel will use the recently announced Spotify Open Access Platform to bring its content to the service. According to TechCrunch, users who are already subscribed to Storytel will be able to access their content in Spotify by linking the two accounts.

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"Partnering with Spotify will make amazing audiobook experiences and exciting authorships easier than ever to access for our customers, while we will also be tapping into the opportunity of reaching new audiences who are on Spotify today, but have not yet experienced the magic of audiobooks," Jonas Tellander, founder and CEO of Storytel, said in the announcement.

Storytel might sound like a new name in the audiobook market, but it’s been around for a number of years now, managing to garner over 1.5 million subscribers in more than 25 market regions. The service currently offers 500,000 audiobooks for users to listen to. 

Much like Audible, another big audiobook subscription service, Storytel, offers hundreds of thousands of books in a variety of languages. Unlike Audible, though, it offers access to these books at a fixed monthly price instead of using credits or tokens to purchase them.

Storytel audiobook player on a smartphone


The monthly price is roughly $20 USD, though it can vary based on the market. Storytel is also not available in the United States. Instead, it finds its subscriber base in countries like Mexico, Belgium, Finland, and Sweden.

Lifewire reached out to Storytel to ask if there are any plans to launch in the United States, or if the Spotify partnership will open up additional ways for users in countries it doesn’t currently serve to access the content Storytel provides.

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