Spotify Partnering With Delta Airlines for Exclusive Service

Free for passengers and includes popular playlists

Spotify is partnering up with Delta Airlines to provide exclusive streaming content for free to in-flight customers.

The announcement was on Spotify’s For the Record blog which states that passengers can enjoy the exclusive content on Delta Studio.

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The in-flight content includes Spotify’s most popular playlists curated by the company experts, along with 42 different podcasts to choose from. The playlists include Mood Booster, Relax & Unwind, Hot Country, RapCavier, and Ultimate Indie. Additional playlists, such as Roots Rising and Rock This, will come in an October update.

Popular podcasts on the service include Crime Junkie, Science VS, The Dave Chang Show, and The Hottest Take. Additionally, passengers can view the Spotify playlists by scrolling through the 'Audio' section on Delta Studio.

According to Spotify, audio content will be updated regularly so users can enjoy a rotating lineup whenever they fly. Passengers can see a list of the in-flight audio content on Delta's website as it currently stands.

This partnership is actually an extension of a previous deal Spotify and Delta Airlines had back in 2019. That early deal was much more limited and Delta passengers only had access to a few episodes of select podcasts.

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The new partnership is more expansive in its scope and reach.

The announcement doesn’t mention any sort of smartphone or laptop integration or even the ability for users to sign in to their own accounts. If a passenger wants to listen to their own personal playlist, it appears they will have to purchase in-flight Wi-Fi.

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