Spotify Opens Car Thing Waitlist to All Subscribers

You can now join the waitlist even if you don’t have Premium

Spotify has announced a change to how users can join the waitlist for its upcoming Car Thing music player.

On Thursday, Spotify released an update for the limited release of its upcoming Car Thing music player. According to the announcement, Spotify now will allow users of all types to join the waitlist, however you will still need a Premium plan in order to actually use Car Thing.

Spotify Car Thing mounted to the vent in a car


Spotify also noted that users who previously signed up for the Car Thing waitlist will have the first chance to purchase Car Thing. The music device will retail for $79.99 when it becomes available, though Spotify initially shipped it to some users without charging for it.

The basic idea behind Car Thing is to bring various entertainment and information features to almost any vehicle, especially those that are older without touchscreens and many of those features already baked in.

Spotify Car Thing mounted in a car with news playing


It's essentially like installing a new car radio. Once you've connected Car Thing to your vehicle, you can control Spotify using various commands like "Hey, Spotify" to play music, podcasts, and more.

Spotify still hasn’t provided an exact release window for the Car Thing, though it said it plans to continue updating the software and improving it over time. 

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