How to Use Spotify on Apple Watch

Get your music fix with your wrist

With the Spotify for Apple Watch app, you don't need your iPhone to control Spotify. Skip tracks, shuffle songs, change where the music is playing all right from your wrist.

How to Get Spotify for Apple Watch

Getting Spotify for Apple Watch is simple. You just need a few things:

  • An Apple Watch running watchOS 5 or higher.
  • An iPhone that's paired to the Apple Watch.
  • The Spotify app (version 8.4.79 or higher) installed on the iPhone.
  • A Spotify subscription that lets you use the app on the iPhone.

When you've got those things, the Spotify for Apple Watch app will be automatically installed onto your Watch (remember, Apple Watch apps are added to the Watch after they're installed on the paired iPhone). If it's not, try restarting your iPhone and it should appear on your Watch.

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How to Listen to Spotify on Apple Watch

The Spotify app for Apple Watch functions as a controller for the iPhone app. You can't pick just any song from Spotify to play on the Watch, and you can't browse your library from your wrist. Instead, you can play recently listened-to playlists or skip and back forth through playlists (we hope the app will get more features soon; see the last section of the article for more). Here's how:

  • When you open the Spotify app on Apple Watch, you'll go right to the controls screen. Tap the Play/Pause button to control playback.
  • The back and forward buttons let you move through your current playlist or album.
  • Swipe the screen left to right to reveal the Recently Played screen. This shows your most recently played artists, albums, and playlists. Tap one to play it.
  • Move the Shuffle slider to on/green to shuffle songs within your current artist, album, or playlist.

You can control Spotify's playback volume from your Watch. Just scroll the Digital Crown. The vertical line on the right side of the main control screen shows the volume level as you raise or lower it.

How to Add a Song to Your Spotify Library From Apple Watch

Screenshots from Spotify an Apple Watch showing how to add a song to the library.

Loving the song you're listening to and want to add it to your Spotify library? It's easy as just one tap. Here's what to do:

  1. When the song you want to add to your library is playing, go to the main controls screen in the Spotify for Apple Watch app.

  2. Tap the heart icon.

  3. The heart will turn green and an onscreen message will let you know that the song has been added to your library.

  4. To remove the song from your library, just tap the green heart icon so that it turns white again.

How to Play Spotify on Speakers From Apple Watch

Screenshots from Spotify an Apple Watch showing how to pick which speaker should play the audio.

You can use the Spotify app on your Apple Watch to choose what speakers you play Spotify through. The speakers available here are the same ones that would be available in the iPhone app, including speakers that support Apple AirPlay and Sonos speakers. To play to them, just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your Apple Watch.

  2. Tap the speaker icon in the bottom right corner.

  3. A list of all available speakers appears. Use the Watch's Digital Crown to scroll through them.

  4. Tap the speaker you want to play Spotify through.

  5. When Spotify connects to the speaker, it turns green and returns you to the main controls screen in the Apple Watch app.

  6. Play music in the Spotify app like you normally would.

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The Key Features Missing From Spotify for Apple Watch

While it's great to have Spotify (finally!) available on the Apple Watch, the app is missing some important things. A few key features we'd like to see added to future versions of the app include:

  • Offline Playback. We'd love to make our Spotify experience completely portable by being able to download songs directly to the Watch, the way you can do with Apple Music and various podcast apps. That way, you could put a selection of your favorite songs right on your Watch and head out for a run, a hike, or the day with just your AirPods.
  • Choosing Songs. Right now, you can't choose the songs you want to listen to from Spotify's Apple Watch app. To pick a song, artist, playlist, etc., you need to use the iPhone app. The Watch app is limited to selecting recently played music, and skipping back and forth through playlists. That's great, but it would be even better to be able to select any song in Spotify's catalog from your wrist, especially on an LTE-enabled Watch, since you can use those models without a nearby iPhone.
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