Spotify Launches Duo Plan in U.S.

You and your partner are about to get a better music deal

Family music plans are fine, but not everyone lives with four or more people. This Spotify Duo Plan finally addresses basic cohabitation at a nice discount.

Spotify Premium Duo

After testing in Latin America, Spotify is bringing its Premium Duo streaming music plan to the U.S.

Inside the plan: Spotify Premium Duo is like the Family Plan, which supports up to six users for $14.99 a month, but Duo is designed for two people, max, living under the same roof (meaning the same address) and costs $12.99 a month. An individual plan costs $9.99, so it's a $6 discount. In addition, the first month of the plan is free.

Isn't Spotify free? Anyone can download and stream Spotify music for free, but then you'll have to put up with ads. Premium accounts also add, among other things, unlimited song skips, offline listening, and higher quality song quality.

What you get: In addition to all the existing Spotify Premium perks, Premium Duo will let Spotify users play their own music or listen to the same tracks with Duo Mix.

The small print: Oddly, two cohabitating people who already have their own Spotify Premium accounts are not eligible to combine into one cheaper Premium Duo account. It's also unclear what happens to the account if you break up or your friend moves out.

Via: Engadget

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