Spotify Kids Comes to the U.S.

Spotify is delivering some musical relief for trapped at home families

Why This Matters:

Spotify’s decision to roll out its kid-friendly music, lullaby, and story-time playlist comes as millions are struggling to juggle work and childcare during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Spotify Premium upgrade button in the Windows 10 Spotify app

Spotify Kids, the streaming services' kid-friendly music playlist is finally coming to the U.S. The company announced the update in a blog post.

More than just music: Spotify Kids includes curated, kid-appropriate tunes, lullabies, calming music, and bedtime stories. 

Not entirely new: Spotify initially rolled out Spotify Kids in Sweden, Denmark, the U.K., Ireland, and other countries outside the U.S. However, the U.S. (and France and Canada) version has, according to Spotify, 30% more songs than the original Spotify Kids. The company is also working on adding more parental controls and third-party content from brands like Disney Music Group and KIDZ BOP.

It’s timely: Your children can even learn cleanliness practices from Spotify Kids' new hygiene playlists. It includes songs on how to properly sneeze and cough (into your elbow!) and a new Pinkfong song called Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark.

It’s not free: The service, which is available now, is part of Spotify’s Premium Family Service. The $14.95-a-month subscription platform offers unlimited, ad-free music to up to five family members. If you're looking for free, kid-safe music, you might want to check out Pandora. It has a nice selection of kid-friendly radio stations and playlists (the free version does include ads).

Bottom Line: It isn’t easy keeping children entertained in normal times. With the COVID-19 Pandemic closing schools and offices, and keeping us all home, we need kid-friendly (and safe) distractions that will let the adults get their work done and maintain a bit of their sanity.

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