Spotify Blend Now Supports Bigger Groups, Plus Artists

Blend with up to 10 friends, or with select musical artists

Spotify has updated its Blend feature with a larger group cap, as well as the option to blend with some musical artists.

Today's Blend update allows you to share your personal Spotify playlists with your entire group chat—up to 10 users. You can manually invite these friends and family members to join you from in the app, then Spotify will create a playlist for you all to listen to using a mixture of everyone's music preferences. Spotify will also create a special share card that everyone in the group can use to save and share the created playlist in the future.

Spotify Blend with BTS


Beyond friends and family, Spotify says that 20 musical artists (from BTS to Megan Thee Stallion) are available to blend with your playlists. However, it's unclear if more artists will be added in the future. According to Spotify, it's a worthwhile feature if you've ever been curious about an artist's influences or just want to see how your musical tastes line up.

As with group blending, once the hybrid playlist is created, you'll be given a share card that breaks down everyone's musical tastes and compares both your preferences. The card will also be shareable across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The new Blend update is live now and should be available for both Free and Premium Spotify members.

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