Spotify and Philips Hue Partner to Sync Music and Lighting

Create an immersive listening experience in your home

You can now sync up your Philips Hue lights to your Spotify account to create a sensory experience. 

The new integration is available starting Wednesday. Anyone can experience it as long as they have Philips Hue color capable lights, a Hue Bridge, an audio device, and a Spotify account. 

Spotify and Philips Hue partnership

Spotify/Philips Hue

Philips Hue notes that you won’t be able to sync with Spotify unless you have a square-shaped Hue Bridge, so even if you have Philips Hue Bluetooth lights, it won't work without the Bridge. However, the syncing experience is available for those who have both free or Premium Spotify accounts. 

While the syncing is all done with Philips Hue’s technology, you can still adjust your lights’ brightness and color palette, according to Engadget

You’ll be able to control all this and enable syncing through the Philips Hue app. The app got a pretty big upgrade in June that resulted in a better, more streamlined experience. The new app features a more intuitive interface, faster performance, and a new, sleek look. 

The app was created in partnership with Signify, and now lets you group your lights into Rooms and Zones to control your lighting as needed. In addition, users can access every light scene from the Hue scene gallery on a single screen and set them in any Room or Zone with a single tap.

Philips Hue said the new app was created in collaboration with experienced lighting experts so that each light scene in the Hue scene gallery can bring "professional lighting" into your home. And now, with the addition of syncing with Spotify, your home can double as the coolest club in town. 

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