Spotify Adds "What's New" Feed for Artists You Follow

Updated in real time with new content from the artists and shows you follow

Spotify has added a "What's New" feed that updates in real time and is curated from the creators, artists, and shows you follow to make it easier to stay on top of your favorites.

If you've ever wanted it to be just a bit simpler to keep track of new content from the accounts you follow on Spotify, your not-quite wish is being granted. Spotify has announced its new What's New feed, which lists new releases from the artists and shows you follow in one spot. Seeing as the service claims over 50,000 hours worth of content added every day, a method of sifting through it all is pretty much essential.

Spotify What's New list


You can access the What's New feed via a new bell icon that appears at the top of the Home tab. If your follows have released anything new, you'll see a blue dot on the icon to give you a heads-up. If you're interested in something more specific, like a new podcast or song, you also can sort your feed with filters for various categories.

"Find your favorites"


Adding artists, creators, and shows to your What's New feed is very straightforward, too. Just tap Follow on a given artist's/show's page and the feed will update and track new releases accordingly. Basically, just keep using Spotify like you have been and let the app handle the rest.

Spotify's What's New feature is starting to roll out now, and will be available globally to iOS and Android users "in the coming weeks."

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