5 Sports Apps You Need for the Apple Watch

You aren't going to stream the games to your watch, but you can keep up on scores and standings

The Apple Watch is perfect for keeping up on the scores of your favorite team all while leaving your iPhone in your pocket. These apps usually have mobile counterparts, so you can dig in further on a bigger screen when it's time to see the replay or the bad call.

NCAA March Madness Live

If you a fan of NCAA games, then NCAA’s March Madness app should be strapped to your wrist. It’s the most convenient way to keep track of all the scores without having to pull out your phone. This app has counterparts for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV so if see a game going crazy, you can reach out for a way to see the highlights.

ESPN: Live Sports & Scores

If you only have one app to track sports, make it the ESPN: Live Sports and Scores app. The app provides scores, highlights, live streams of major games, and fast access to ESPN radio and podcasts. You can track your favorite teams and get push notifications with important news, scores, and information. The app currently supports college basketball, college football, MLB, NFL, and NBA teams.


The basic app helps you keep track of news and schedules, but once you subscribe, you get audio of the games, minor league information, and more. It can add up, but if any sport has totally and completely embraced technology, it’s MLB. And it really shows.

theScore: Sports News & Scores

When you want to know the score right now, theScore app offers real-time updates alongside news alerts, in-game stats, video, and social content for your favorite players and teams. The app supports a variety of sports leagues and events, from the NFL and MLB to Tennis and Auto Racing.

Bleacher Report

While the watch app keeps you current on scores, the real power is behind the community and interactive features found in the bigger mobile app. That’s not to say the watch part isn’t important (you can’t always have your phone handy).

  • How do you install an Apple Watch app?

    Many apps can be installed right on the Apple Watch itself. Tap the Digital Crown, find the App Store app and search for the app you want. It's easier (and frankly more comfortable) to install apps once you've installed their counterparts on the iPhone. Once that's done, on your iPhone: Open the Watch app > swipe down to Available Apps > tap Install next to app you want on the watch.

  • Can you watch sports on the Apple Watch?

    We're going to say no. And while, yes, technically you can see some video on your watch, it's not part of the apps listed. If someone sends you a clip of a video in the Messages app, you can play it, but the watch isn't really meant for that, the screen is too small, and, wow does your arm get tired being held in a position to watch a video longer than a few seconds.

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