The 10 Spookiest Wii Games of All Time

A list of the eeriest games you can play on the Wii

I haven’t enjoyed many horror movies since they went from ghosts moaning ominously to chainsaw wielding serial killers or worse. Nowadays I prefer to get my scares from video games, which offer old fashioned thrills and chills with a minimum of sadism. There have been a few spooky games for the Wii, although the spookiest is probably, Fatal Frame IV, which never came to the U.S. But here are 10 spooky games that did make it to North America.


Arthropodologists won’t find this game spooky; it’s just a bunch of bugs trying to kill each other, after all. But if scorpions and spiders give you the creeps then this atmospheric action game set among multi-legged desert critters makes for a somewhat eerie adventure.

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The Last Story

There aren’t a lot of ghosts in this game, but it does feature the best haunted house I’ve played since Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines.

Spooky Creatures: Ghosts. Living skeletons.  More »

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Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon
At times the game is strikingly beautiful. XSEED

There are a lot of ghosts in this game for the simple reason that almost everyone in the entire world has died. Some ghosts are perfectly nice, and just need your help; others definitely have a bit of an attitude. If you’d like to wander through a world of spirits, this is your game.

Spooky Creatures: Ghosts. Killer Robots.

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Cursed Mountain

Cursed Mountain
An angry ghost protect its mountain. Deep Silver

Would you like to use a magical staff to battle Tibetan mountain spirits? Do you appreciate a game with an unusual snowy-mountain setting? Are you tolerant of poor production values and haphazard controls? This is the game for you.

Spooky Creatures: Ghosts.


This take-off on cheesy ‘70s horror flicks isn’t as funny as it thinks it is, but its stylish delivery and first rate rail-shooter gameplay make for an entertaining ride. Not the scariest game ever made for the Wii, but certainly one of the most entertaining.

Spooky Creatures: Zombies. More zombies. More »


This rail shooter takes player through memorable moments from previous games in the series; think of it as a zombie sampler. It won’t make a lick of sense if you haven’t played the previous games, but for those who have, it’s like going through a box of old photographs.

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The Calling
One of the game's more helpful ghosts. Hudson

This survival-horror game aims for The Ring-style J-horror, offering spooky atmosphere interspersed with some cheap shocks. While the gameplay is a little weak, this is still the closest experience I’ve ever had to living in a J-horror movie.

Spooky Creatures: Hostile ghosts. The Internet. More »

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Players need light sources to avoid the creepy crawlies in the dark. WayForward Technologies

This clever puzzle-action wiiware title asks players to make their way through a series of dark rooms by breaking windows and turning on lamps to create pathways of light to the exit. Step into the dark and you will be swarmed by carnivorous bugs. It’s a spooky little game, brilliantly conceived and intriguing, but expect increasing frustration in the later, uncompromising levels. It was later released as a free mobile game, but with so many ads that I couldn’t stand to play it.

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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
You can't kill the raw shocks, but they can sure kill you. Konami

Ever have a nightmare where hideous creatures are chasing you, so close you can feel their breath on your neck, before finally grabbing you and pulling you down and tearing you to pieces? Well, whoever made Shattered Memories must have had those nightmares and decided they would make a great game. They weren’t entirely right - these chases are often more annoying than terrifying - but it’s still one of the most unusual - and at times unsettling - games to have hit the Wii.

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Dead Space: Extraction
Blow off a few limbs and this guy will go down. Electronic Arts

With its shaky camera and weird visions and voices, this eerie rail shooter makes for a particularly stylish and effective horror tale. The game is dripping in atmosphere as you explore a creepy alien world with companions who may soon go mad and try to kill you.

Spooky Creatures: Crazy people. Monsters. The voices in your head. More »