Splatoon 3’s Newest Trailer Provides Us a Release Date

You're a kid now, you're a squid in a few more months

The newest trailer for Splatoon 3 shows off some Turf War multiplayer mode chaos, but more importantly, it also gives us a solid release date.

We knew Nintendo's popular squid game (no, not that one) was getting a third installment, and we knew that, like most sequels, it would be iterating on the game before it. That being a game that Lifewire selected as the best shooter on the Switch in 2022. And thanks to a new official trailer, we finally know when we can start playing it, too.

Splatoon 3 screenshot


Turf Wars—ink-filled battles between rival teams of Inklings and Octolings—are still a primary focus this time around, naturally (if it ain't broke, etc.). Though Splatoon 3 is dressing things up with new maps, a new bow and arrow-like weapon, and some new moves for defense and traversal purposes. As you'd expect, this all looks as messy and entertaining as the previous two titles.

Salmon Run, the wave-based co-op mode introduced in Splatoon 2, is also making a return along with some new features, and a healthy dose of giant, monstrous Salmonid boss creatures to contend with. Though as with other Nintendo Switch games, if you're planning to play online, you'll need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

According to Nintendo, Splatoon 3 will be available for the Switch on September 9 for the standard "AAA" price of $59.99.

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