'Spider-Man' Cheat Codes for PCs

Play as Peter Parker as he learns to use his new superpowers

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The "Spider-Man" video game released for PCs in 2002 is only one of the many video games featuring the Marvel Comics superhero. Based on the movie of the same name, the "Spider-Man" video game follows Peter Parker after he is bitten by a genetically engineered spider and acquires superpowers.

Players assume the role of Peter Parker as he learns to use his new-found powers and fights the city's criminal underworld.

To enhance your gaming experience, you can use cheat codes available for the game.

Cheat Codes

To enter cheat codes for "Spider-Man" on the PC, go to Special > Cheats and enter a cheat code from the list to activate it.

  • God Mode – Cheat code: ADMNTIUM
  • View FMV Sequences – Cheat code: CINEMA
  • Ben Reilly Costume – Cheat code: CLUBNOIR
  • Pulsating Head – Cheat code: EGOTRIP
  • All Comic Books – Cheat code: FANBOY
  • Cartoonish Spider-Man – Cheat code: FUNKYTWN
  • Infinite Webbing – Cheat code: GLANDS
  • Amazing Bag Man Costume – Cheat code: KICK ME
  • All Comic Book Covers – Cheat code: KIRBYFAN
  • Unlock Everything – Cheat code: LEANEST
  • Spider-Man 2099 Costume – Cheat code: MIGUELOH
  • Level Select – Cheat code: MME WEB
  • Peter Parker Costume – Cheat code: MRWATSON
  • Character Viewer – Cheat code: RGSGLLRY
  • Storyboard Viewer – Cheat code: ROBRTSON
  • J. James Jewett – Cheat code: RULUR
  • Symbiote Spider-Man Costume – Cheat code: SECRTWAR
  • Quick Change Spider-Man Costume – Cheat code: SM LVIII
  • Stickman Spider-Man – Cheat code: STICKMAN
  • Spider-Man Unlimited Costume – Cheat code: SYNOPTIC
  • Captain Universe Costume – Cheat code: TRISNTNL
  • What If? Mode – Cheat code: UATUSEES
  • Full Health – Cheat code: WEAKNESS
  • Scarlet Spider Costume – Cheat code: XILRTRNS