Spice up Your Dreams With Two More 'Fortnite' Events to Round Out the Month

They add The Kid Laroi tracks and a 'The Floor is Lava' game

Finish up your January in Fortnite with some new tracks (and in-game costumes) from Australian rapper and songwriter The Kid Laroi, or on an island covered in Franks RedHot sauce.

Fortnite's final week in January plays host to a week-long special event called The Kid Laroi's Wild Dreams, as well as a new promotional island map for Frank's RedHot sauce. In both cases, you'll be able to discover unique tie-in items and gear, though only Wild Dreams offers unlockable cosmetics.

The Kid Laroi's Wild Dreams promotional artwork

Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Kid Laroi's Wild Dreams will spotlight the upcoming single "Love Again" and three previously unreleased (but also unnamed) songs. These tracks can be listened to in-game or through the afterparty experience using the island code 4294-0410-6136.

If cosmetics are more your thing, you'll find The Kid Laroi outfits and back bling, along with The Rogue Laroi outfits, back bling, pickaxes, and wraps in the Fortnite shop. Or you can try to unlock them via The Kid Laroi Cup special Duos Zero Build tournament if you think you can make it as one of the top scorers in your region.

Frank's RedHot, on the other hand, will be hosting its own chicken wing-shaped island featuring a volcano full of hot sauce. As you try to survive against other players, you'll find RedHot-themed weapons and power-ups, all while the volcano spews its dangerously spicy contents around the map.

Franks RedHot The Floor is Lava promotional image

Frank's RedHot

You'll be able to participate in The Kid Laroi's Wild Dreams event starting Friday, January 27 at 6 p.m. ET (3 p.m. PT) and ending at the same time on Friday, February 3. Though outfits for the event will be unlockable via The Kid Laroi Cup starting tomorrow (January 24) and will be in the shop on Thursday, January 26.

The Frank's RedHot version of The Floor is Lava will be accessible starting Monday, January 30, with the island code available through Frank's official website.

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