How to Speed up Video on an iPhone

Change the video speed if it's playing too slow

What to Know

  • Photos App: Tap Albums > Slo-mo.> select a slo-mo video > Edit. Use the vertical lines at the bottom to change the speed. Tap Done.
  • iMovie: Tap Create Project > Movie > MediaVideo > Slo-mo > select video > tap checkmark > Create Movie > Tap video timeline.
  • Then, tap the clock icon, then move the speed control slider so that the number next to the rabbit shows 1x. Tap Done.

This article covers how to change the video speed of slo-mo iPhone videos to regular speed using the Photos app and iMovie. These instructions apply to all iPhone models running iOS 13 and up. The basic ideas apply to earlier versions of the iOS, too, but the steps may differ slightly.

How to Speed Up Video In the Photos App on an iPhone

Maybe the easiest way to change video speed from slo-mo to regular speed on an iPhone is to use the pre-installed Photos app. All the slo-mo videos you take with your iPhone are stored there. The editing tools built into Photos can speed up the slo-mo videos. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Photos app.

  2. Tap Albums.

  3. Scroll down to the Media Types section and tap Slo-mo.

  4. Tap the slo-mo video that you want to speed up.

    Screenshots of speeding up slo-mo videos in the iPhone Photos app.
  5. When the video is open, tap Edit.

  6. Along the bottom is a set of vertical lines. These indicate the speed of the video at that point in the recording. Lines that are very close together indicate normal speed, while lines that are far apart indicate that that section is in slo-mo.

  7. Tap the bar that has the lines in it and drag your finger across the slo-mo section. Doing this will change all of the lines to the close-together version that indicates that they're normal speed.

    Screenshots of speeding up slo-mo videos in the iPhone Photos app.
  8. When you've changed the speed of the video, tap Done to save the video.

    Changed your mind and want to add slo-mo back to the video? Select the section you want to slow down so that it's inside the yellow bar. Then, drag your finger across the bar of lines until the lines are farther apart.

How to Speed Up Video In iMovie on an iPhone

If you prefer your movie-editing apps to be a little more powerful than Photos, you can choose Apple's iMovie (download iMovie at the App Store). The iMovie app offers all kinds of video editing features, including adding filters, titles, music, and more. It also lets you convert slo-mo video to regular speed. Follow these steps to speed up video in iMovie:

  1. Open iMovie.

  2. Tap Create Project.

  3. Tap Movie.

  4. Tap Media.

    Screenshots of changing video speed in iMovie on iPhone.
  5. Tap Video.

  6. Tap Slo-mo.

  7. Tap the slo-mo video you want to speed up. Then tap the checkmark in the pop-up menu.

  8. Tap Create Movie.

    Screenshots of changing video speed in iMovie on iPhone.
  9. Tap the video's timeline to reveal the editing options at the bottom of the screen.

  10. Tap the clock icon to access the playback speed controls. The speed controls are a set of lines with a turtle at one end, representing slo-mo, and a rabbit at the other end, representing speed. A number next to the rabbit icon tells you the speed of the video.

  11. Move the speed control slider so that the number next to the rabbit shows 1x. That's normal speed.

    Adjusting the playback speed of a video
  12. Tap Done to save the video with its speed changed.

  13. From the video screen, tap the action button (the square with the arrow coming out of it) to share the video, export it, or do other things with it.

    The Done and Share buttons

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