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Choose which email account you want to use to send Outlook mail

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If you send a message from your email account but want to receive replies at another email address, it's easy to change the reply-to header by selecting a different email address that you've set up in Outlook.

Instructions in this article apply only to, the free web-based email service from Microsoft.

Change Your Reply-To Address

When you send an email in, the program automatically uses the address in the From field as the reply-to address. To have email replies go to a different address, change the address in the From line.

  1. Log in to

  2. Start a new message, forward a current message, or reply to an existing message.

  3. Select the More commands icon (⋯) in the composition pane or window's top toolbar.

    Screenshot of Show From in More Commands
  4. Select Show From.

  5. Select From.

    Screenshot of From drop-down
  6. Choose the address where you want replies to this email sent. When the recipient replies to the message, you'll receive it at this address.

Specify a Default From Address in

To set an address as the default From address in

  1. In, select Settings (the gear icon ).

  2. Choose View all Outlook settings.

    Screenshot of Outlook Settings
  3. Go to Mail > Sync email.

    Screenshot of Sync Email

    Add an email account in the Add a Connected Account section.

  4. Select the Set default From address dropdown arrow and choose the address you wish to use.

    Screenshot of default from address
  5. Select Save.

  6. Close the Settings window when you're finished. Your new default From address has been set.

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