How to Use a Special Signature for Replies and Forwards in Outlook

Email Signature
Email Signature. Google Images

Using an email signature, especially if you are in business, gives every message a more professional, serious look. It is distinctive, puts your brand on your correspondence, and—when you include your contact information—makes it easy for people to reach you.

Creating and using a signature in Microsoft Outlook is easy. Outlook, however, defaults to adding a signature only to new email messages that you write from scratch, not replies or forwards.

Signatures for Replies and Forwards

If you want to automatically append your signature to replies or to messages you are forwarding, you’ll need to edit your options. Here's how:

  • Click on Tools > Options.
  • Select the Mail Format tab.
  • Click on the Signatures tab.
  • Click on Replies/Forwards or Signature for Replies/Forwards (depending on your version of Outlook).

Here, you can choose what signature you want to apply to messages you reply to or forward to other recipients. If you want to use the same signature as your outbound email, choose that one. If you want to use a different signature for replies and forwards, create that new signature and then select it here. Then, click ​OK.

Now, your email signature will appear on every outgoing email.