Speakers come in all shapes and sizes. Learn which ones are best for your home theater, how to hook them up, and what to do when things go wrong.
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Fluance DB150 Powered Subwoofer and Audio IWS-88 In-Wall Passive Subwoofer
The Difference Between a Passive and Powered Subwoofer
Diffusers mounted on wall; diffusers standing on legs.
How to Make Your Own Audio Diffusers
SONOS Product Examples
What Is the Sonos Home Music Streaming System?
Stack of various speakers
What Speaker Impedance Means and Why It Matters
A signal strength meter showing input power and output decibels
What Does Speaker Sensitivity Mean and Why Is It Important?
Bose Soundlink speaker on a desk
How to Reset a Bose Soundlink
DTS Virtual:X Logo and Illustration
What Is DTS Virtual:X?
Standing floor speakers and a home receiver system on either side of a reclining couch
Overview of How to Create Whole House or Multi-Room Audio Systems
Back of amplifier with cords going to speakers
How to Connect Speakers Using Speaker Wire
Options for connecting a subwoofer
How to Connect a Subwoofer to a Receiver or Amplifier
Person listening to music on a mobile device via headphones
The 10 Best Tracks for Evaluating Audio Equipment
Blue Bose Sounlink next to cups at side of a pool
How to Pair Bose Soundlink
A modern living room with wall-mounted TV, stereo speakers, and a couch
A Guide to Monaural, Stereo, Multichannel, and Surround Sound
DTS-HD Master Audio logo
DTS-HD Master Audio: What You Need to Know
How to Make Wired Speakers Wireless
DTS Play-Fi Logo and Lifestyle Image of a living room
What Is DTS Play-Fi?
A tangle of colored speaker wires coming through a hole in a wall
How to Hide Speaker Wire in the Home
Measuring the World’s Most Awesome Subwoofer
Music Equalizer Bars
The Difference Between Graphic and Parametric Equalizers
Cable being plugged into the back of a receiver/amplifier
What Are Stereo Amplifiers and How Do They Work?
Close-Up Of Stereo Speaker
THX Certification for Speakers and Surround Sound
Home theater setup with in-wall speakers.
Are In-Wall Speakers Right for You?
Sound Bar System set up in a white room
Direct, Bipole, and Dipole Surround Sound Speakers
A pair of metal banana plug speaker wire connectors, one attached to speaker wire
How to Choose and Install Speaker Wire Connectors
Close up of home theater speakers
2.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker Systems
Harman Kardon AVR147 Home Theater Receiver - User Manual IIlustration - Speaker Setup Diagram
How Do I Position Loudspeakers for My Home Theater System?
Three multi-colored, insulated speaker wires showing bare copper ends
How to Splice Wires for Speakers and Home Theater Systems
Two people setting up a soundbar in their home
Tips to Set Up and Get the Most From a Sound Bar
Home theater with in-wall speakers
How to Install In-Wall Stereo Speakers
Detail of a Speaker Cable
Do Speaker Cables Make a Significant Difference?
Circle Surround Graphic
Circle Surround: What You Need to Know
Person troubleshooting a speaker channel
Troubleshooting a Failed Speaker Channel
Turntable Amidst Speakers On Table By White Wall
How to Place Stereo Speakers for the Best Performance
Three multi-colored, insulated speaker wires showing bare copper ends
How to Quickly Test Speaker Wires and Speaker Connections
Home Theater Surround Sound Setup
What Surround Sound Is and How to Get It
Polk Audio HTS Subwoofers
How to Get the Best Performance Out of Your Subwoofer
Bi-wiring home stereo speakers
How to Bi-Wire and Bi-Amp Stereo Speakers
Marantz MM8077 7-Channel Power Amplifier
What Is a Power Amplifier and How Is It Used?
A person deciding among several speakers in a store
Woofers, Tweeters, and Crossovers: Understanding Loudspeakers
Home theater receiver vs. Stereo receiver
Home Theater Receiver vs. Stereo Receiver
A display showcasing the Sony CS-series line of speakers
Sony's Ultra-Affordable CS-Series Speakers
Person listening to music from a smartphone via Bluetooth headphones
Does Bluetooth Wireless Audio Reduce Sound Quality?
A pair of stereo speakers with exposed speaker cones
How to Clean Your Home Stereo Speakers
Home cinema setup
The Benefits of Using Multiple Subwoofers
Dolby Prologic IIz Example
Dolby Pro Logic IIz: What You Need to Know
A lush backyard lawn and illuminated patio at dusk
Tips for Buying and Connecting Outdoor Speakers
Frustrated person dealing with subwoofer speakers
What to Do When the Subwoofer Isn't Working Properly
A speaker's subwoofer cone
How to Fix or Eliminate Subwoofer Hum
A room with surround sound
Surround Sound Formats Guide
The Meixing MingDa MC-08PPA Vacuum Tube Phono Stage
8 Remarkably Quirky Chi-Fi Tube Audio Products
Two wooden-like speakers.
How to Install Your New Stereo System
How Much Power Do My Stereo Speakers Really Need?
Close up of home theatre speaker
How to Correct Low Center Channel Dialog
Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Channel THX Certified Powered Speaker System
What Are Powered Speakers?
Denon AVR-X4300H Home Theater Receiver - Inside View
Understanding Amplifier Power Output Specifications
SVS SV-4000 Dual Subwoofer Option
How to Connect Two or More Subwoofers in a Home Theater Setup
Auro 3D Audio logo and speaker setup
Auro 3D Audio Surround Sound Format Basics
Home theater setup with surround sound in a white room
Benefits of Adding Speakers Using the Speaker B Switch
A lush backyard lawn and illuminated patio at dusk
How to Install Outdoor Speakers Under Eaves, Overhangs

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