Secure Spare Backup - Online Secure Service

What Is It?

Spare Backup is a software program installed on your computer that will backup files to data centers, which you can then access from any location with a high-speed Internet connection. Data is encrypted on your computer before being transferred to the data centers. Multiple data centers keep your data stored so that it is safe and there is always a backup available. To recover your files you will have to have three ways to identify you, one your User Name, second a password and the third is what is called a "Spare Key".

It is randomly generated and you will be the only one to have that piece of information.

How Does It Work

The program will select files automatically to be backed up - from email, documents, photos and other program files. Reports are available on your desktop for records of all files which have been backed up. You can schedule automatic backups at whatever frequency you are happy with. Restoring files can be accomplished with one click. Can be restored to currently using computer, a brand new one or a re-built one that you recently crashed. You can also select only one or a few files to recover. Can search files that have been backed up by file name or even just using a portion of the file name.

What Other Methods/Devices Can Be Used

You can also burn a backup to a CD or DVD that is encrypted. It will automatically span several discs if one is not enough. Follow the on screen instructions for backing up to a CD or DVD.

USB attached devices can also be used. See the online FAQ - USB thumb drive for the detailed steps.

System Requirements

Compatible with:

  • P3 or better
  • Windows MCE, XP, Vista Ultimate, Home Premium, Home Basic, Business
  • Requires: 75MB disk space
  • High speed Internet access
  • 1024 x 768 recommended display resolution

    They do specify that dial-up access is not supported.

    Support Available

    User Guides and demo videos are available online. There is also a comprehensive searchable and printable FAQ section online.

    My Thoughts

    I am all in favor of having a way to backup data especially for mobile professionals and the method that Spare Backup uses would certainly be a great benefit to mobile professionals.

    I do plan to try the 14 day trial and will review it at a later date just to see how easy it is and how mobile professionals can make the best use of it.

    I do like that this program doesn't just backup documents but other file types and from a wide variety of programs. It certainly has some good features that are worth seeing how they really work.