Spam Arrest - Spam Filtering Service

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Spam Arrest is an effective albeit a bit aggressive spam filtering service that, in the ideal case, requires little maintenance. Spam Arrest removes all mail from senders not yet approved before you download it or access it through Spam Arrest's 1 GB online web-based email service.

Pros of Spam Arrest

  • Spam Arrest cans just about all spam using challenge/response filtering of unapproved senders
  • A flexible and comfortable web-based interface makes Spam Arrest universally and easily accessible
  • Spam Arrest offers 1 GB of online storage

Cons of Spam Arrest

  • Spam Arrest does not discriminate to challenge only senders whose mail is likely not spam
  • The anti-spam service suffers from the problems common to challenge/response filters
  • Spammers can use commonly approved addresses to make it past Spam Arrest

Spam Arrest Basics

  • Spam Arrest checks and cleans up to three POP or IMAP email accounts periodically.
  • Works as a POP proxy service between your email client and your POP email account.
  • In addition, Spam Arrest provides 1 GB of online storage, webmail, and a fresh email address.
  • All mail from unapproved senders is quarantined.
  • The quarantine folder can be accessed via the web, and senders can be approved easily.
  • Additionally, Spam Arrest sends challenging messages to new senders, who need but reply to authorize themselves.
  • You can approve To: addresses instead of individual senders to deal with mailing lists.

Review of Spam Arrest - Spam Filtering Service

Trashing all mail from unknown senders is a somewhat aggressive way to eliminate spam, and it is very effective. If you want to employ this method and keep your Inbox clean of practically all junk mail, Spam Arrest is a solid and flexible choice. Spam Arrest works as a web-based service requiring little maintenance.

How Spam Arrest Works

When it fetches new mail from up to three POP and IMAP accounts every two minutes, Spam Arrest automatically removes mail from blocked senders. Unknown senders get a challenging message which they can use to authorize. You can also authorize senders manually, of course.

In addition to protecting existing accounts, Spam Arrest also gives you a brand new email address plus 1 GB of online storage and a usable if a bit slow web-based email service to use it.

Spam Arrest Is Not Without Challenges

Unfortunately, Spam Arrest suffers from the problems of challenge/response architectures. The challenging messages can be annoying or puzzling to individual senders and a real challenge to legitimate bulk mailers, and if spammers use a sender you have approved they will get through without problems.