SoundCloud Review

Discover new free music from up-and-coming artists

SoundCloud is the best music streaming website to stay on top of new and upcoming artists. Users from around the globe can upload their own audio files and songs for you to listen to at no cost.

Once you start playing something, you can navigate around the website but still control the playback from the pop-up media player always shown at the bottom of the page. As you use SoundCloud more, it will find suggestions based on what you're listening to.

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What We Like
  • Constant, fresh uploads.

  • Scrubbing support means you can move back and forth through songs.

  • Listen from a computer without a user account.

  • App has a minimalist design and is very simple to use.

  • Your account can be used from more than one device at once.

What We Don't Like
  • Playlists are limited to 500 tracks.

  • Free users stream standard quality audio.

  • Ads sometimes play between songs.

In addition to being used through a web browser, SoundCloud works via mobile apps for Android and iOS. See the SoundCloud Mobile App page for download links.

More Information on SoundCloud

Here are some noteworthy features:

  • The Top Charts and Tracks page provides a handy look at the top 50 songs in various countries in any genre you select.
  • New music can be found through unique genres like dance and EDM, dubstep, trance, soundtrack, indie, and triphop.
  • Sign up quickly with your email, Facebook, Google, or Apple account.
  • When searching for tracks, you can filter them by tag and when they were uploaded, the length, and the license (so you can find tracks that are free to use commercially or just to listen to).
  • You can make a playlist on SoundCloud that can be private or marked as public so the rest of the community can listen to the tracks you've compiled.
  • Songs you "like" are collected together for you to access again, as is your listening history.
  • The number of times a song has been played and liked are shown below each post on SoundCloud's website.
  • You're able to follow other users to stay up to date on their new uploads. Private messaging and comments are supported as well.
  • There are podcasts you can listen to here.
  • A repeat button lets you play the same track over and over.
  • Uploaders can share an RSS feed so others can subscribe to new uploads.
  • The site recommends users to follow based on your listening activity and the tracks you've liked.
  • You can share what you're listening to with others over social media sites and email.
  • Keyboard shortcuts (see them with the H key) let you quickly control playback on the desktop site.
  • You can download SoundCloud songs if the uploader enables that option.
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Our Thoughts on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a really neat idea because it provides a place for new artists to share their music, but also for the rest of us to find new and interesting sounds and songs to stream.

We really enjoy using the mobile app. Listening, searching, and saving music is a breeze. There are only a few buttons at the bottom of the screen for finding your home page, streaming new music, searching for tracks, and accessing your playlists.

When logged in, the home page shows the latest posts made by the people you're following, which is a great way to start using the site because you can instantly see updates from the people you're interested in.

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