How to Sort Messages in Yahoo! Mail

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You can read emails in Yahoo! Mail not only by date, but also sort by sender and subject, or group them by attachment and starred.

As You Like It

By default, Yahoo! Mail displays the messages in a mailbox sorted by date. This, granted, is very useful most days and dates, sometimes, though, you may want to quickly find the big emails containing attachments, for example, or group messages from the same person.

Luckily, you can sort mailboxes in Yahoo! Mail by a number of criteria — and even group by conversation.

Sort Messages in Yahoo! Mail

To sort a folder in Yahoo! Mail:

  1. Click Sort by in the folder's toolbar.

  2. Select the desired sort order from the menu that has appeared.

    Unread Messages will put unread emails on top; unread and read emails will each be sorted by date.

    Attachments put messages that contain files above those that do not; the secondary sort order again is by date.

    Starred has emails you marked with a star on top; starred and unscarred emails are sorted descending by date.

    Sender sorts by name (then email address) in the From: line.

    Subject will sort emails alphabetically (A-Z) by subject.

    Yahoo! Mail will disregard "Re:", "Fwd:" and similar expressions at the beginning.

  3. Optionally, select Group by conversation to use the subject as a secondary sorting algorithm.

    Messages will be sorted by date, for example, but older messages will be grouped under the latest message with the same subject.

  4. Group by conversation is not available when you sort by subject or sender.

Sort Messages in Yahoo! Mail Basic

To sort the emails in a folder in Yahoo! Mail Basic:

  1. Open the folder you want to sort in Yahoo! Mail Basic.

  2. Click the Sort By menu to open it.

    The menu will show the current sorting order, e.g. Date.

  3. Select the desired criterion from the menu.

    Date will sort chronologically by date received.

    Sender sorts alphabetically by the email address in the From: line.

    Subject will sort alphabetically by Subject: line.

    Attachment sorts by whether an attachment is present (but not by their number).

    Starred puts starred emails on top or bottom.

  4. Choose Descending Order for the latest messages on top or Z-A sorting or Ascending Order for sorting oldest to newest and A-Z.

    Note that alphabetical sorting may not put non-English characters where you would expect them.

  5. Click Apply.

Other Ways to Get to the Messages You Seek

If you are looking for a specific message, in addition to sorting folders and scanning lists, you can also search for messages more precisely, of course, using a number of search criteria, or have Yahoo! Mail return all a sender's messages quickly.

Tested with Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Mail Basic in a desktop browser.