Sorting Folder List in Outlook Express or Windows Mail

Re-Ordering Folders in Windows Mail or Outlook Express

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I want my Inbox on top of all other folders. Windows Mail and Outlook Express get this right. What they do not understand, alas, though, is that I'd like to arrange my other folders in the order I prefer as well — from important to trite, not from A to Z.

Chances are you have dragged around folders in despair only to see them drop back to the original position, too. Windows Mail or Outlook Express remains stubborn. The only way to get what we want is to make use of this persistence, it seems.

Sort the List of Folders in Windows Mail or Outlook Express

To arrange the folders in Windows Mail or Outlook Express's folder list in the order you prefer:

  • Look for the folder you want on top.
  • Click on its icon in the folder list with the right mouse button.
  • Select Rename... from the menu.
  • Put "0 - " in front of the existing name.
    • If the folder is called "Great Escapes", for example, make sure the new name reads "0 - Great Escapes".
  • Click OK.
  • Look for the folder you want second in the list and precede its name with "1 - ".
  • Continue in this manner for all the folders.
  • If you have more than 10 folders or want to insert a folder in between two existing folders, make use of another peculiarity of Outlook Express's folder sorting:
    • A folder named "10 - ..." will come after a folder called "1 - ...", but before a folder named "2 - ...".
  • If the list of folders seems out of sync with your numerical sorting, collapse it by clicking the - sign next to the root folder and expand it again.

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