Sorry, No New OnePlus T-Series Phone Model This Year

But there will be a new OPPO OS launching soon

OnePlus won't be releasing a new T-Series phone this year, but it plans to launch a new OPPO operating system with next year's flagship.

According to The Verge, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has stated that the company will be breaking tradition by not releasing a new T-Series phone in 2021. OnePlus typically has launched an upgraded "T" version of each of its numbered phones every year since 2016.

OPPO Colors OS


The reasoning behind the decision to skip the 9T isn't clear, but if you've been holding out for one, at least now you know you can stop waiting. OnePlus also has announced a merger of sorts with OPPO, with plans to integrate the companies' operating systems.

However, merging the two operating systems (OnePlus' OxygenOS and OPPO's Colors OS) doesn't mean rebranding. According to Lau, each OS still will have its own unique features, but now they'll have the same development team and share the same code structures.

The claim is that it will be the best of both worlds, basically.

The new merged OS releases aren't planned to go public until 2022, with OnePlus's next flagship phone launch.

OnePlus 9 series


However, it won't be limited to just the newest models—older OnePlus phones that still are supported also will be able to use them. Beta versions for the OnePlus 9 will be popping up in October, and the OnePlus 8 will also get a beta in December.

While the news is no doubt disappointing for those who have been looking forward to a OnePlus 9T, getting an improved OS isn't a bad consolation. Now we just have to wait and see if the hybrid OxygenOS and Colors OS software can deliver.

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