Soon You'll Be Able to Group Tabs in Chrome

The ability to group tabs is now in Chrome Beta

If you're suffering from Chrome Tab overload, tab grouping could help you radically cut down on the clutter. You can try it out now in Chrome beta.

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Your web browser life is about to get a little simpler. Tab groups are coming to Chrome, Google announced in a blog post.

Getting organized: Most people have at least a dozen browser tabs open (this author currently has 15). We keep them open because we don't want to forget where we were and we think, "I may need that later." This leads to tab overload.

Google's Plan: In Chrome beta, a right-click lets you access the "New Tab Group" option, which lets you name it, then assign other open tabs to the group. The groups are saved and accessible when you need them later. You can drag and drop tabs from one group to another.

Chrome tab groups
This is how Chrome Tab Groups work.  Google

Sounds familiar: Microsoft's new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser already lets you create and name browser tab collections.

Not about performance: Collecting tabs into groups doesn't mean opening 16 browser tabs as a group is any more efficient than opening them one at a time.

Try it: You can get a head start on the Chrome update by installing the Chrome beta now. Just know that it may not be as stable as the shipping version.

Bottom line: Browser developers are finally tackling tab organization, which should make our web surfing lives easier and more efficient.

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