Sony’s PlayStation May Launch More Great Games for Your Phone Soon

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Sony is getting back into smartphone games with a devoted Mobile Division and the recent acquisition of Savage Game Studios (SGS).

PlayStation properties have appeared on mobile before, with titles such as Ratchet & Clank: BTN and Little Big Planet spin-off Run Sackboy! Run!. And now it looks like the company is making good on Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) CEO Jim Ryan's 2021 statements about getting back into the market. A deal has been struck with Savage Games Studio (SGS)—a developer made up of several mobile game industry veterans from companies like Rovio (Angry Birds) and Wargaming (World of Tanks).

Run Sackboy! Run! video screenshot

PlayStation Mobile Inc

SGS and the rest of the new PlayStation Studios Mobile Division are tasked with creating mobile games based on existing Sony brands and all new ones. No licenses have been confirmed for future mobile projects yet, but given the popularity of some series and other recent AAA releases like Horizon and Spider-Man, it's not unreasonable to guess. But what we know, or at least are being told by Sony, is that the Mobile Division will act independently of console game development.

PlayStation Studios and SGS


Assuming everything runs as intended, this means that the PlayStation-owned games we'll eventually see on Android and iOS won't be pulling resources from console teams. And that means there's no need to worry that a mobile spin-off will hurt the console version of a game you might be looking forward to (or the people making it). It's two completely different departments.

Neither Sony nor SGS has stated exactly what's currently in the works, but the studio is currently developing a "mobile live service action game" based on a AAA license. We'll just have to wait and see which franchise it's connected to and how it will function.

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