Sony’s New E-Mount Camera Lens Is Compact but Powerful

And it will work with 67mm Sony filters, too

Sony has a new 50mm E-mount lens on the way, boasting fast focusing, a compact frame, and clear images for a variety of subjects.

Both Sony Electronics and the more camera-focused Sony | Alpha have taken to Twitter to reveal the company's newest photo lens: The 50mm F1.4 GM (or G Master). And as an E-mount lens, it will be compatible with various Sony's ILCE and NEX cameras.

Sony 50mm F1.4 GM lens


Digging into the details, the new lens offers a large F1.4 aperture (beneficial for low-light photos) that can be dialed down to an F16, along with a 35mm full-frame sensor. As the name implies it also offers a 50mm focal length, with a minimum manual focus distance of just under 15 inches (just over 16 inches for autofocus).

Two XD linear motors are used to manage the lens' manual and automatic focusing, while Sony claims the fluorine coating will help to repel moisture, dust, and fingerprints.

Sony 50mm F1.4 GM lens


It weighs just over 18 ounces while taking up 3.25- by 3.8 inches in a camera (or other) bag. And if you find yourself using other camera accessories, it's worth noting that it's compatible with Sony 67mm lens filters.

When Can I Order the Sony 50mm F1.4 G Master Lens?

The FE 50mm F1.4 GM lens isn't available just yet, though preorders are expected to open up on B&H Photo on February 22, or you can sign up for availability notifications through Sony.

Whichever you choose, the new lens will cost you close to $1300.

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