Sony's VPL-HW40ES 3D SXRD Video Projector Profiled

Sony VPL-HW40ES 3D SXRD Video Projector
Photo of the Sony VPL-HW40ES 3D SXRD Video Projector. Images provided by Sony Electronics USA

Sony's VPL-HW40ES is an entry into its ES home theater video projector line that features a large cabinet with a center mounted lens, and incorporates a variant of LCD technology, known as SXRD.

With SXRD, instead of light passing through an LCD chip(s) on its way to the screen, light is reflected off the chip(s) surface in order to create the image to be projected onto a screen. In other words, SXRD has some of the characteristics of both LCD and DLP technologies.

Core Features

The VPL-HW40ES features full 1080p (1920x1080) native pixel resolution bolstered by a 3-chip SXRD panel, Motion Flow processing, Digital Reality Creation video upscaling and processing, 1,700 lumens White and Color light output (2D mode), and a quiet 21dB fan noise level.

The VPL-HW40ES features an abundance of preset modes to accommodate are variety of room lighting environments and visual content variations. The modes include Cinema Film 1 and 2, Reference TV, Photo, Game, Bright Cinema, Bright TV, User Adjustable.


The VPL-HW40ES can also accept both 2D and 3D sources (supported by a 240Hz panel drive) and incorporates a built-in IR 3D transmitter for properly synching up the glasses (glasses require optional purchase). 3D viewing is further enhanced by two special brightness modes that Sony refers to as Bright Cinema and Bright TV


In terms of physical connectivity, the VPL-HW40ES provides, 2 HDMI inputs, 1 , 1 set of component video inputs, and an Ethernet-based 3D Synch connection (However, a 3D emitter is built-in for use with Sony's optional 3D glasses).

Additional Features

Center Mounted Lens Assists in placing the projector in relation to the screen center.

Zoom/Focus control Manual only

Lens Shift: Vertical (+ or - 71 degrees), Horizontal (+ or - 25 degrees). This allows more precise positioning of the lens in relation to the screen.

Keystone Correction: Vertical only, this feature assists in compensating the geometry of the projected image if the projector-to-screen angle is too far below or to far above the optimum lens-to-screen angle.

Screen Size Range: 40 to 300 inches depending on projector-to-screen distance.

Lamp Output: 200 watts

Estimated Lamp Life: 2,000 to 5,000 hours - Depends on what combination of picture modes are used.

Dimensions: 16-inches (W), 7-inches (H), 18 1/4-inch (D)

Weight: 21.1 lbs


Control options included a provided wireless remote, rear mounted source selection and onscreen menu navigation controls, an IR sensor cable input, and an RS-232C connector for custom control integration.

More Info

The VPL-HW40ES has a suggested price of $2,499.99 and is available through authorized Sony ES dealers.