Sony STR-DN1060 and STR-DN860 Home Theater Receivers

Sony STR-DN1060 Home Theater Receiver - Front and Rear View. Images provided by Sony

If you looking for an affordable Home Theater Receiver that is designed to provide good audio performance, as well as a lot of user flexibility, then consider two home theater receivers from Sony, the STR-DN1060 and STR-DN860, announced for 2015.


STR-DN1060 starts off with a 7.2 channel configuration (with additional Zone 2 support), Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD decoding (No Dolby Atmos, though), 6 3D compatible HDMI inputs (along with 2 HDMI outputs), and analog to HDMI video conversion with 1080p and 4K video upscaling. Also, to add more HDMI connection flexibility two of the HDMI inputs are MHL compatible, and one HDMI input and Output are HDCP 2.2 compliant for access to compatible 4K streaming content sources (such as Netflix)

The STR-DN1060 is also equipped with the ability to play back several types of Hi-Res audio files via HDMI, USB or streamed from a media server, or another compatible source device, over a local network, including ALAC, FLAC, AIFF, WAV, and DSD.

A front-mounted USB port is provided that allows for access to audio and video content from directly iPod/iPhone or USB flash drives, as well as built-in wired (ethernet) or wireless (WiFi) network connectivity. Connected to your network, the STR-DN1060 can access content from compatible sources (media servers, PCs) and Internet Radio. A new streaming addition this year is access to the Google Cast Music Service.

For direct streaming, the STR-DN1060 also incorporates Airplay (for iOS devices), Miracast (for Android devices), and Bluetooth. In fact, on the STR-DN1060, Bluetooth works in both directions - You can either stream content directly to the receiver from a compatible Bluetooth-enabled Source, or you can stream content from the receiver to a compatible Bluetooth headset.

For even more convenience, the STR-DN1060 is NFC compatible, and you can also access and manage your audio content, as well as receiver control of the STR-DN1060 via Sony's free downloadable SongPal app for iOS or Android devices can also be used to the control the major functions of the STR-DN1060.


Along with the STR-DN1060, Sony has also announced the step-down STR-DN860 which still offers most of the 1060's features, but eliminates Zone 2 capability and eliminates the front HDMI input (there are 5 HDMI inputs total) and there is only 1 HDMI output. Also, there are no component video inputs provided. In addition, the power output is less across its seven channels. 

Final Take

If you haven't purchased a home theater receiver in the last several years, you will notice quite a change. With today's user demands, a home theater must provide more than just a place to directly plug in your Blu-ray Disc/DVD player and other components, and provide amplifier to power a surround sound speaker setup - it must have networking and streaming capabilities, which the Sony STR-DN1060 and 860 seem to address in a big way, and at affordable price points.