Sony State of Play 2023: Announcements, News, and More

When is the next PlayStation State of Play?

Sony’s State of Play event happens semi-regularly whenever the company has big news or product announcements about PlayStation. The inaugural event was in 2019; Sony has held several more events since that first one.

What Are the Dates for the Next Sony State of Play Event?

Sony hasn't announced dates for the next state of play. The most recent event was April 13, 2023.

Which Products Will Be Announced?

We don't know what's happening at the next State of Play.

Final Fantasy XVI
Square Enix.

At the most recent State of Play (April 13, 2023), Sony showed off gameplay footage and story details about the upcoming role-playing game Final Fantasy XVI. The latest installment in the series takes a more action-heavy approach.

Combat occurs in real time instead of the turn-based approach of previous entries. Some "timely" accessories will make fighting easier for newer players by slowing down the action to give more time to dodge or make evasion completely automatic.

Players will only control the main character, Clive; A.I. will control other party members during fights. One party member is Torgal, a large dog friend who provides support and can also receive direct commands from the player.

Other announcements included:

  • Cid's Hideaway: a hub area where players can pick up side quests.
  • The Hunt Board: a Moogle-manned bounty board that directs characters to elite monsters to hunt.
  • Harpocrates: a character who provides lore and information in exchange for stories.
  • Vivian: a scholar who provides even more lore (but she accepts money).
  • Players may encounter quick-time events called "Cinematic Clashes" during battles. In the presentation, the player had to mash the Square button to stop an enemy from overpowering them.
  • Icon vs. Icon battles: Real-time confrontations between giant monsters, Godzilla-style. Encounters will have different play styles, including platforming, aerial combat, and hand-to-hand brawls.

Final Fantasy XVI is available June 22, 2023. It will be a timed exclusive to PlayStation 5.

How to Stream and Watch Sony State of Play

State of Play events are streamed on PlayStation's Twitch and YouTube channels.

The Latest Sony and Other Gaming News

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