Sony State of Play 2022: Rumors, Announcements, News, and More

When is the Next PlayStation State of Play?

Sony’s State of Play event happens semi-regularly whenever the company has big news or product announcements about PlayStation. The inaugural event was in 2019; since that first one, Sony has held several more events in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

What Are the Dates for the Next Sony State of Play Event?

On March 17, Sony hosted a State of Play event dedicated to the Hogwarts Legacy open-world action RPG. Rumors point to an event later in March where Sony could unveil its subscription-based gaming service.

Gamespot has an excellent synopsis of the March 9 event, which included a ton of game updates.

Which Products Will Be Announced?

Gamers are hoping to get an update on the PSVR 2, but that could warrant a separate event. There’s speculation about a new gaming service, code-named Project Spartacus, which would compete with Xbox Game Pass. It’s not clear if this service would supplement or replace PS Now, which is similar to Google’s Stadia.

How to Stream and Watch Sony State of Play

The State of Play event will likely be streamed on PlayStation’s Twitch and YouTube channels.

The Latest Sony and Other Gaming News

You can get more gaming news from Lifewire. Here are some of the latest stories regarding Sony PlayStation:

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