Sony Announces Four Sound Bar Systems for 2015 (Updated)

Sony HT-ST9 Sound Bar/Wireless Subwoofer System. Image provided by Sony

If you are currently shopping for a sound bar (or are planning on upgrading from your current one), Sony is offering up four new sound bars for 2015 (HT-ST9, HT-NT3, HT-CT780, and HT-CT380) that may be worth your consideration.


Sitting on the top-end of Sony's 2015 sound bar line is the HT-ST9.

The HT-ST9 is 44.5-inches wide, which visually complements LCD, OLED, or Plasma TVs ranging from 37 to 55 inches in screen size well. The sound bar incorporates a 7 channel configuration with an included companion wireless subwoofer. Total system power output is stated at 800 watts.

Audio decoding and processing options include Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD Master Audio decoding and Sony S-Force Front Surround Audio Processing.

The HT-ST9 is also compatible with ALAC, FLAC, AIFF, WAV, DSD Hi-Res audio files via HDMI, USB or streamed from a media server, or another compatible source device, over a local network.

Speaking of HDMI and USB, connectivity options include 3 HDMI inputs and 1 output, as well as digital optical and analog audio inputs.

Also, unlike many sound bars, the inclusion of HDMI provides for pass-through for 3D and video signals with up to 4K resolution, if needed.  In addition, the HDMI inputs/output are HDCP 2.2 compliant, and Audio Return Channel is supported on the HDMI output.

The HT-ST9 also provides built-in wireless bi-directional Bluetooth (you can stream from a bluetooth source to the soundbar or stream from the sound bar to a compatible Bluetooth headset), as well as streaming from an NFC compatible source device. Also, if that wasn't enough, the HT-ST9 is also MHL compatible, which provides additional direct physical connection of compatible smartphones and tablets to the sound bar.

The HT-ST9, if connected to your home network, can also stream content from the internet, including the Google Cast Music Service

Control options include a provided thin-style remote, as well as free access to Sony's SongPal Bluetooth and WiFi control and content navigation app for iOS and Android devices.

The suggested price for the Sony HT-ST9 is $1,499.99.


Moving down to a more affordable price range is the Sony HT-NT3. This sound bar/wireless subwoofer system has most of the same features as the HT-ST9, including 3 HDMI inputs with 3D and 4K pass-through, hi-res audio playback, built-in Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, and Google Cast, but is smaller (42.1 inches wide) and also has a slightly smaller wireless subwoofer. Also, instead of a 7.1 channel configuration, the HT-NT3 has a 2.1 channel configuration, which lessens the effect of the S-Force surround sound processing feature. Total system power output is stated as 450 watts.

The suggested price for the Sony HT-NT3 is $799.99.


The HT-CT780 features a sound bar that is 40.6-inches wide and eliminates some of the higher-end features found on the HT-ST9 and HT-NT3. For example, while it retains the 3 4K and 3D compatible HDMI inputs, Bluetooth, and NFC, other features such as internet streaming, Google Cast, and hi-res audio playback are not available. However, this 330 watt, 2.1 channel sound bar/wireless subwoofer system is only priced at $449.99.


If you a looking for a more affordable sound bar option than the three I have listed above, the HT-CT380 300-watt 2.1 channel sound bar/wireless subwoofer system might end up being the choice for you. However, here things are pretty basic. For example, although most of the features of the higher-priced HT-C780 are retained, including the HDMI inputs, Bluetooth, and NFC, the sound bar section is only 35.4-inches wide which makes it more suitable for use with smaller TVs in the 29 to 40-inch screen size. The suggested price for the HT-CT380 is $349.99.

All of the sound bars can be wall or shelf mounted.

For more on what Sony has to say about their 2015 sound bar line-up, read their Official Announcement.