Sony Shows Off the PlayStation VR2's Final Design

Displays at 4K HDR and more ergonomic

Exactly one year after its initial announcement, Sony has revealed the final design of the PlayStation VR2 and its associated VR2 Sense controller.

According to Sony, it took a lot of feedback from players and inspiration from the PS5 when designing the VR2 in order to create a headset that is more comfortable than the previous iteration. New features include lens adjusting dials, a new vent for airflow, and support for 4K HDR.

PlayStation VR2


The VR2 is now lighter in weight with an adjustable scope that can be moved further away or closer to the face. It also includes a new motor for gameplay feedback, and the aforementioned dials allow players to adjust the position of the lenses for an optimal view.

There's also a new vent to allow airflow and not have the annoying problem of having the lens fog up in the middle of a game. The vent is also the favorite feature of the headset's lead designer, Senior Art Director Yujin Morisawa.

The uniquely designed orb-like controllers were revealed in March 2021 and included features like adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, similar to the PS5's DualSense controllers. The biggest change is that the VR2 controllers now have a white outer coating.

VR2 top side view


The specs for the VR2 were actually revealed in early January, with 4K HDR and a 110-degree field of view. Eye-tracking will be included for further immersion.

Set up is easy as you can connect to a PS5 with a single USB Type-C cable. The release date and price point for the VR2 haven’t been announced yet, but we can expect these details sometime soon.

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