Sony Releases Versatile Line of New Portable Speakers

All wireless and relatively lightweight

Sony is set to release a trio of new portable wireless speakers, designed to offer more versatile audio options.

According to Sony, these new speakers—the SRS-XG300, SRS-XE300, and SRS-XE200—are designed to be easy to carry with small sizes and manageable weights. They also offer several hours of battery life while in use, support quick charging, and can be used for calls through an Amazon Echo device.

Sony SRS-XG300 portable wireless speaker


The XG300 is the biggest of the bunch, measuring about 12.5-inches by 5.4-inches by 5.4-inches, and weighing in at a little over six and a half pounds. Sony says it's the most powerful of the three, using a combo of Front Tweeter and "MEGA BASS" features for deeper basses and clearer high-frequency sounds. It's also the longest-lasting, claiming up to 25 hours of play time on a full charge.

Sony SRS-XE300 portable wireless speaker


Whereas the XE300 and XE200 are both smaller and lighter, though they focus more on evenly-distributing audio in a space rather than raw power and don't hold a charge for quite as long. The XE200, in particular, is the smallest option at about 3.5-inches by 8-inches by 3.7 inches and a little under two pounds, with a 16-hour battery life. The XE300 sits between the two extremes at 4.1-inches by 9.4-inches by 4.7-inches, and weighing just under three pounds, with an in-use battery life of about 24 hours.

All three of Sony's new portable speakers are available for preorder today and will be shipping/available for purchase on July 12th. They're priced at $349.99 for the XG300, $199.99 for the XE300, and $129.99 for the XE200.

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