Sony Announces Worldwide Launch of New PlayStation Plus Tiers

Introducing Essential, Extra, and Premium

Sony’s online game-playing service, PlayStation Plus, has been serving up monthly content for over a decade, but now the company is switching up how they do business. 

The company just confirmed a worldwide launch for a trio of new PlayStation Plus membership plans, as announced via an official Sony blog post. These tiers offer some new benefits to existing subscribers and new pricing plans. 

Sony PlayStation Plus


Let’s start with PlayStation Plus Essential. This is a rebrand of the current PS Plus subscription plan. As such, you’ll still pay $10/month for two downloadable games, exclusive discounts on certain titles, cloud-saving, and access to online multiplayer. 

PlayStation Plus Extra includes all of the perks from an Essential tier while also adding a back catalog of 400 PS4 and PS5 games for $15/month. Sony has yet to announce any of the games making up the aforementioned list, but they will be downloadable for play.  

Finally, there’s the crown jewel, PlayStation Plus Premium. This tier features all of the benefits of Essential and Extra, plus a whole lot more. There are an additional 340 unnamed games available here, sourced from a "beloved catalog" of PS1, PS2, and PSP titles. PS2 and PS3 games will also be available via cloud streaming to PS4, PS5, and PCs, and subscribers get access to time-limited game trials. You’ll pay an $18/month premium for this subscription tier.

These new PS Plus tiers officially launch on June 13 for United States users, with Europe following suit on June 22. Some Asian countries get them early in May, with Japan following on June 1.

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